Investors Rotating From U.S. and U.K. to EU: Bevan

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- CCLA Investment Management’s James Bevan discusses the impact of monetary policy on markets and his subsequent investing strategy. He speaks with Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Macro focus for the markets today.

Let's start on the other side of the atlantic.

Are we going to see anything to move markets from the fomc?

I think we will see the fomc indicating the u.s. economy is relatively -- that is what we should begin to anticipate, a shift down and monetary policy support.

The recent reductions in bond purchases will lead to a lot of sensitivity.

I think janet yellen will say, do not take this too seriously.

We are much interested in shoring the economy.

You are warning against the overinterpreting of the dots, perhaps.

They will not do a carney.

Mark carney is the governor of the bank of england, taking markets by surprised by suggesting that interest rates could go up in the u.k. he has a really difficult challenge.

Inflation numbers down much less -- we are talking about 2/10 of a percent on yesterday's inflation numbers.

It is to ensure the economy does not get ahead of itself in terms of raising inflation pressures, particularly wage inflation.

How to see an sure he does not have to raise rates above 2.25%? if he leaves it, there is a possibility has to tighten quite aggressively to put the genie back in the bottle.

Do you think he overplayed his hand with forward guidance?

Do you think the statement should be interpreted as the big change of direction for the bank of england?

Or was it a slight change in timing?

I think the sheer is very clear -- this year is very clear that he intends to give more guidance.

He is sending a very strong signal to people who want to invest.

I think he will provide more guidance.

I do not think we will get much from the bank of england minutes today.

The key for me is at what point they change sides and say, we should be tightening because -- we should be tightening.

Changing makeup at the mpc and that makes it a little more difficult to predict when will start to see that dissent.

He is going to be a much more influential figure.

I do think there is an interesting standoff within the committee.

Those who are focused on wage inflation and those who are focused on unemployment numbers.

If you're worried about employment numbers, harbinger what might lie ahead, that is a much bigger challenge.

How does this macro picture influence what you are doing at the moment?

Is it a guiding force for equity markets?

A rotation away from reliance on the solid growth companies in the u.s. and u.k. a much greater focus on what the opportunities look like in your land.

-- you're aeuroland.

They will do whatever is necessary to keep the party going.

Meaning at this time is important.

We will talk more about that.

Qa very much, james bevan -- thank you very much, james bevan.

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-- wary.

The tech world calls it the internet of things.

We take a look.

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