Investors Focusing on Risk in FX Market: Sinniah

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Oct. 04 (Bloomberg) -- Bernard Sinniah, Global Head of Sales for Corporate FX at Citigroup Global Markets, discusses the currency market and their reaction to the U.S. government shutdown. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

They have a different perspective on risk.

You guys are in 83 countries around the world.

Talk to me about the corporate spirit was the biggest issue at the moment.

Is it tapering, is it debt defaults or i would just getting too excited about it?

I think corporate server it anxious about what is happening in washington, but right now we are not seeing any drop off in volume or anything like that.

This year corporate have been focusing a lot more on the market and what is happening there.

Our focus has been -- that's where the real risk comes, whether it is -- that is what corporate so concerned about.

Being in 83 countries, we service global clients on all the global currencies.

Moving all the productions to various countries, you see that all that clients are focused on what is happening in emerging markets.

If that is the preoccupation and tapering is going on to the back burner, it could be back out in the second quarter of 2014, talk to me about currency movement.

You said something about volatility cost corporate.

Trying to think about currency movement and that that is more important issue.

What is meant by that.

Corporate is not there to make any profit off currency movements.

Their job is to hedge the currency exposure and get their full product.

They're not bothered about where the currency is going, but making sure they hedge the currency exposure so that they can't get their full product out in the market.

When we look forward to 2014, will what were the big themes?

You said emerging markets were one of the dominant teams of 2013. when you look at 2014 from the corporate perspective, what you think will dominate the agenda in 2014 from the customers you speak to?

I think the margin of products narrows.

Most of the customers are focusing on identifying risk.

Where is the risk?

In what country?

That is what they are focusing on.

Bernie, it is great to get the perspective from you as the head of fx corporate, the global fx at corporate.

They're also disappointed that they are not going to get nonfarm payrolls.

Is going to come down to the jockeying and horsetrading.

Is mission critical to get their act together in terms of getting this budget ceiling raised.

Back to you.

Manus was born and raised on the trading floor.

He is more than comfortable being there.

We will look at how the twitter offering is going to fare.

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