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March 20 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Gross, author of "House of Outrageous Fortune," discusses the high profile residents of 15 Central Park West with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Park west, the world's most powerful address." the author is michael gross, and he joins me now.

Thank you for being here.

I want people to understand that you seem to have a penchant for real estate, because you've written a previous book on real estate, and now this one.

What is it about real estate that attracts you?

X -- it's a window through which you can tell history, sociology, anthropology, a little bit of everything.

And it's a great way to write about rich people.

What i love doing is writing about rich people in america.

Why is it so interesting?

Because of the amount of money they are willing to spend on the residence?

How much money is involved?

My favorite number.

There are 37 households that are alternative investment managers, and their firms manage $437 billion.

Basically, a large company -- country is being run out of one block in manhattan.

When you think about that, it boggles the mind.

You can learn about people and the way they choose to live, present themselves to the world.

It's not a shrinking violet that lives in a high profile building.

Let's talk about some of the individuals.

I will give you some names and you can give us some detail that is featured in your book.

Let's start off with carl icahn.

The book actually opens with carl icahn, because he and dan loeb got into a duel over to penthouses that they both wanted to combine and -- both wanted to buy and combine into this largest and house in the building.

Only carl icahn wanted to bargain.

And dan loeb write a check.

When carl icahn found out that dan loeb had beaten him, he let loose with one of the ethically -- with an epic tirade on one of the developers, cussing as if he was in vietnam in 1968. let's move on.

Denzel washington, a hollywood actor.

He is one of the poor people in the building.

His apartment only cost $13 million.

And he only -- and he got a discount, because with a nod and wink, he allow the developers to say that he bought an apartment in the building, which was one of the big turning point.

New york is always about co-op apartments.

Co-ops or clubs that don't just let anybody in.

And when you come down to who is the worst, people of color and actors.

They announced to the world this building is different by announcing denzel washington had brought an apartment.

And it is different, because jerry yang, cofounder of you who, also bought an apartment.

How does this coterie of people find something like a 15 central park west?

It is something i liked compared to a dog whistle, that only the richest human beings can here.

And when they blew that whistle, they came around mike baying dogs.

-- like baying dogs.

There was a shipping error, son of the richest man in israel.

Goldman sachs, we all know what goldman sachs is.

Most of them came through goldman sachs.

They were either executives, clients, or just people connected to the goldman sachs dog whistle.

The goldman sachs dog whistle.

What about the actual building itself from an architectural point of view?

Are the apartments noteworthy in that regard?

It is a condo that is a pastiche that reminds people of the gold coast co-ops of the 1920's. like an emery roth building.

More importantly, rosemary o ken delano.

These have always defined luxury in new york.

They hired the great postmodernist architect to do a building that hearken back to those great old buildings that simply are not built any more because you cannot build them like that anymore.

But inside, it's stuffed with all the modern conveniences, plus my it's a condo, which means is not a club, which means is not defined by rejection.

Having said that, in the book you mention that many of these people are very good neighbors.

There was a comment, i believe about the chief executive of goldman sachs, lloyd blankfein.

He is a good neighbor.

He is a warm, nice guy.

I'm lucky enough that i met him once at a cocktail party at 15. for a guy that has been perpetrated often as a vampire -- portrayed as a vampire devil, he is really a heinous guy.

These are your neighbors.

You are not living with -- he is really a nice guy.

These are your neighbors.

You are not living with goldman

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