Immigration and the Future of the Republican Party

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Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Carlos Gutierrez, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, examines how the immigration debate has taken a back seat in Washington and what he sees as the problems holding back the GOP. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

A new party.

I would say we are the republicans of the future.

You have been out front on this for over two decades.

Have we messed it up again?

I am concerned we have.

We are going into 2014 and the budget will take over all the discussions in politics.

Next year, it's too easy to punt it to 2015. the problem keeps getting worse.

Our economy is not being served.

You mentioned walmart does not have enough people.

I bet that traces to immigration.

We need more people in this country.

Our workforce is not growing not just in high skilled workers but throughout.

How big of a problem is it for corporate america, for companies to find lesser skilled workers?

Let me give you an and joe twitchell washington loves -- i met a guy the other day that says he owns three restaurants.

If i had more workers, i would own age in a fight owned eight, i would hire more u.s. citizens.

What would you say to ted cruz?

I think the people who support him are dead wrong about the economy and what damage this will be to our economy if we don't get our act together.

Is this about latin americans and not asians?

This is about the economy.

Asians are a big part of what is happening in immigration, 3.5% of the population is asian.

Russians, africans, latin americans -- the push back to this is why can't the restaurant owner and the walmarts hire more americans?

Because they cannot find them.

90% of our people did not have a high school diploma years ago and now it is only 10. democrats love this and they sit silent while the republican party implode's. this started with lincoln and you picked it up with your generation and now the young kids will mess it up.

What is your order to marco rubio and ted cruz and the others to reinvigorate the republican party?

Focus on the beauty of free enterprise and less government and fewer taxes and stop focusing on social issues.

Social battles which were fought 50 years ago, let's fight the battles of the future.

What would barry goldwater say right now?

He was pretty conservative.

I think he would say get off of that stuff and let's fight the fights that counts and that distinguished us.

We are being governed from the far left.

You are from the far left with the president, what is an example of a republican that would meet your mandate to reinvigorate the party?

I like with the governor of new jersey -- i like his pragmatic stance.

I have always liked jeb bush.

He eats a lot of cornflakes.

He is doing that now.

He is getting cut and chiseled.

An extreme right-wing republican can get elected in the primary but they cannot get elected in the national.

That's the parties problem.

The only -- they only nominate extremists.

How much division is there between the elected officials in the party base?

The party base is probably 20%. that has a disproportionate impact on the politics.

Until we start getting people in there that are center-right, we will have this problem.

Will employees of kellogg stopped out of the new health care plan.

That's a big company.

What is your take on the affordable care act?

I think for large companies, as the president said yesterday, if you have health insurance, let us know.

The problem is the smaller companies, companies with fewer than 50, companies with more than 50 that will move to part- time.

There are so many unintended consequences that we don't know.

You have been great on being months out in front on this affordable care act.

It's a huge experiment.

Thank you so much, horace.

We look forward to the new mini.


secretary, thank you so much.

How about a four x report?

The euro is weaker so you see a stronger dollar against the euro and the japanese yen.

Prime minister abe is in new york talking about the economy.

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