IBM Opens Watson Tech to App Developers

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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Booz Allen Hamilton Vice President Timothy Andrews discusses IBM opening up Watson technology with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

All of these headlines him together.

You guys in his consulting business, what do you see in terms of how the cloud and aws is affecting the hardware vendors?

We see the impact them nor monthly not just an hardware but in software any kind of work that we do for clients.

For hardware vendors in particular, you put them in a different stage of competition where normally they would be selling directly to their clients.

Now they are in competition to sell things wrapped around the hardware.

A and other things they talk about with ibm and watson.

I think it is not an accident that ibm announces on a day of this web services conference.

Here ibm is trying to sell watson, and now they're saying try it out and see if you like it.

A very different model.

It is.

Amazon is the new type of vendor that started from the ground up selling ground services and analytic services from the cloud.

Based their whole infrastructure on appeared whereas ibm is from the a prior age where these to sell other models.

Microsoft and other companies were trying to catch up.

Aws has been there from the beginning.

It is really the established model.

Aws also allows companies like uber or snapchat or instagram to lunch without having to spend the money on the hardware.

You are saying this with launching projects without having to go through a big hardware uptake.


One of the critical things and one of the best things we like about aws is the ability to get time to value.

The things that used to take weeks or months we can now do in hours or days.

That changes the discussion with clients, it changes our ability to bring the medivation and have a much more interesting -- brings in innovation and have a much more interesting conversation for it we can do analytical processes where they have complex problems and fraud to the action or indicates of health care, analytics around drugs, appliances, trying to understand better what techniques work and care, things like that.

Complex problems where a lot of data and analytics are involved, but we can get started in a small way very quickly with our clients saying it was a little bit of data, we will apply techniques to it and come back to you with interesting results.

We always come back with things that are unexpected in a very short timeframe, typically a few months.

I am also struck about the size of this.

The last time i was here, there were 6000 be born here.

This time there are 9000 your guy also know, because i am old, i remember when the selling of computers and hardware was at the center of the world of technology.

Am i exaggerating to say that the cloud is the center of technology right now -- right now?

I don't think so.

I am an old combat veteran myself.

If you think about it, google is one of the largest hardware and software builders and developers in the world, yet they do not sell hardly any hardware or software, excel services.

Amazon is now taking that to a whole new level and opening up to other developers, end-users, as you point out, and created an entire new world.

It is really the beginning of the iceberg.

Indeed, timothy andrews with booze out and -- booz allen, to

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