IBM CEO Rometty: How Data Is Disrupting Industry

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Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Ginni Rometty, CEO at IBM, speaks about data disruption and the pace of technological advances in business at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Not three isolated shifts.

Data, cloud, engagement, they are all one.

For our industry, but not every industry.

Disruption to the business model is one of the most significant competitive advancements.

It depends what side of the fence you are on.

My view is that it is -- particularly because i think data functions on a certain platform, you see some of the most aggressive industry here.

You see with the carriers, telco, wireless riders.

You see it with banking.

How many clients are starting to put in place chief data officer's who report to the ceo.

I see it in financial services and i see an telco.

The thing about monetizing your information, they are taking your personal information and finding a way to sell it.

It is finding a way to do business president.

Are you worried that business leaders do not get the scope of the changes?

It occurs to me that a polar companies are not getting with this program.

There are startups popping up all over the place.

That point of speed is a real point.

It is absolutely -- if you try to compare today to the past, today is mark -- moving at a much faster speed of pace.

You should not be dissuaded by that.

That is all the more reason to push forward with these things.

I think of a conversation i had.

I was at the dinner table with a number of ceos.

It was about how you differentiate and the speed at which you do about it.

You run a business today and you run a business for the future.

You are talking to ceos and they are getting it more than they used to?

In the past, you might have talk to the tech people.

I think everybody in this audience will experience the same thing.

We are bringing technology to the forefront of every industry.

We were briefly talking about education.

It makes me think of this.

One of the most important things for any country or company is the path of education needed for the future.

We are thinking about a culture of data analytics.

It is not just for mathematicians.

It is going to be a threat to every profession and every degree you get.

We are going to hire that way.

People want to hire data sciences.

This has to be systemic.

We are working at 1000 universities on a program with data and analytics.

As you were so nice to point out so many years ago, we have that going for us.

This whole point was about, you have to get that silver thread through everything you do.

You cannot count just on engineers.

It looks like you are trying to make ibm a role model.

You are making big changes in the company.

You sold a number of major businesses.

You announced acquiring another group.

You also brought another company.

You have 40 data centers around the world.

That is a big number.

You have a billion dollar investment.

You are making very rapid changes.

They are illustrative of the speed at which we are moving.

Using ibm has to show its customers just how much -- you are one of the biggest companies in the world.

Maybe it is not a choice, but the interpretation i would have take away from you, in effect, you are showing what other customers need to do.

This to me, and i know many people in this audience work for a company that may have a history, it was not born yesterday.

Any company has to go through transition.

We are 102 years old.

We started out doing time clocks and heat sensors.

That is not what we do today.

You go through these transitions.

You move to these new areas.

That applies to everybody.

You mention the mobile industry.

Do you think it is changing as quickly as it could be changing?

What was that bringing to the fore with that recent acquisition by facebook?

Theoretically, that could've been developed by a carrier, but it wasn't. people are going to have to be sentimental, more than they have.

How do you feel about how the mobile industry has been doing?

There are a lot of great examples.

This is not a new thing for this industry.

There has been a lot of change in this industry for quite a keyword -- period of time.

I think a better way to think of it -- is evidenced by how many people are at this conference.

I think it is moving along very fast.

I also think that there's a bit of -- there will be many benefits that people have.

They put new bundles and -- 10, combinable models.

The ceo of ibm with our

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