I Wouldn’t’ Change a Thing At Barclays: Ratner

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Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) –- Forest City Ratner Companies Executive Chairman Bruce Ratner discusses building Brooklyn’s Barclays Center with Cory Johnson and Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


We did.

Metlife stadium is a beautiful day am that seats over 80,000, but it is in east rutherford, new jersey.

That's one of the criticisms.

It's going to be so difficult to get people from here in new york to their into the game.

It is a great stadium.

Where else are you going to put it?

We tried the westside and it didn't work because of the jets.

By car, it's pretty accessible compared to other locations.

It will be a lot of traffic but there will always be traffic no matter where any stadium of 80,000 is in the country.

It ain't easy to get there but it's worth it when you do.

Jonathan, you did a great job.

On a much smaller scale, i built a house a few years ago in our conversation about what things i wish i had done.

What do you wish you had done that you didn't do?

Output faster and sooner.

-- built it faster and sooner.

Seriously -- we don't know if this thing was going to work or we should have had doorways -- it turned out much better than i ever -- lest we, we wound up painting some of the metal and it cost $70,000. that's the only thing i could think of to do almost.

There's almost nothing.

I was trading stocks a lot to ring the time and i would come home and my wife would talk about the blind.

The blinds all come down in the next day a lose money in the markets.

In this case, i couldn't be happier.

It's been number one in sales, tickets and revenue in this country and number two in the world.

I'm so happy, i could almost pinch myself.

When you are building it, were you looking at other stadiums, not necessarily here in new york but other parts of the country to model it after?


We must have seen 15 or 20 are rain is in this country.

We checked sightlines to messiahs, everything.

We look at every aspect, whether terrazzo or concrete -- we did a huge research job before we built it.

We are going to talk about what you learned about ticket pricing and one of the really interesting things -- a lot of people go to present say can you get me a ticket for this or that question mark they sure do.

I'm going to show you how the pricing of the ticket work.

-- i'm going to show you how the

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