I Was Mistaken for a Billionaire!

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Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg View Columnist Jeff Goldberg discusses what happened when he was mistaken for a billionaire on Fiji with The Chopra Foundation Founder Dr. Deepak Chopra and Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

All right, jeff, let's start off with exactly what happened.

Where did you go, and what did you do?

I was going through fiji, and i happen to be a friend of the people who own fiji water, and i never actually believed that fiji water was from fiji.

I imagine they went to their bathtub and filled up the bottles and sold them for a large amount of water, -- money, but i wanted to see their facility, so i show up, and i am told, before we go to the factory, we are going to a ceremonial well opening.

They do all of these charity projects on fiji.

Why you?

I mean, why did they think that you are the person to do all of these ceremonial things?

I just wanted to go watch, and i get out of the car, and two-putted lovely, i am the only white guy around, so the village thought i owned the company, and the mayor came up and said, are you him?

I said, no, unfortunately, but they were very happy to see me nonetheless, so i participated in what turned out to be a multihour ceremony to celebrate the opening of this well.

What is a cava ceremony?

It is a route that is very common in the south pacific.

It has psychotropic properties.

It is a narcotic.

It is ground into water.

It is turned into this concoction.

If you took a scoop of dirt and put it in a bowl of water, that is what it would look like and tastes like, but it turns out that kava has some delightful properties, including this ability to make you feel extremely relaxed fairly quickly, so you wonder why the pace of life in the south pacific is what it is, and that is partially due to kava, so, basically, you have to drink this to participate in the ceremony, and it tastes horrible, but after a while, you do not care anymore, and that was sort of the theme for the entire day.

Deepak chopra, do you know of kava?

Yes, and he is still under the influence.

Jeff, you have not recovered yet.

This idea of mistaken identity and preconceived ideas.

The idea that people can assume certain things about others, where it is a product or company or an individual.

It changes your eav are.

You go to a cocktail party, and somebody tells you a nobel laureate is over there, or -- or there is deepak chopra over there in the corner.

You are not going to perceive the same person in the same way.

Your perception at every level is altered, so they thought that he was resnik.

And that changed his perception.

They thought you were a billionaire, jeff.

I would love to be.

I feel bad because you are not, but they are a lovely people, and i tried to dissuade them from that idea, and they asked me to give a speech about the importance of water anyway, so i felt that i had to.

I felt that, i am just a journalist, i just want to take notes, but there is this expectation of the 200 people in the village who want you to play a role, so even though i am under the influence of, for me, this fairly powerful narcotic, i try to play the role while i was there.

You seemed to have done an impressive job.

Our bloomberg correspondent joining us from washington, and

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