I Have My Doubts About Iran Nuclear Deal: Tanter

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Georgetown University's Raymond Tanter discusses his concerns about the nuclear deal with Iran. He speaks with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Right direction?

It is a big step.

Is it the right direction?

I have my doubts why.

Iran has been known to cheat on its obligations.

This deal is neither a histo rical victory or a historical defeat.

It is a situation where implementation is the key.

Before 2002, they had cheated for almost a decade and a half with respect to materials that have been prescribed in terms of the international atomic energy agency and the charter of the iaea.

I suspect that iran will try to cheat on the deal but the inspectors will try their best.

Iran has cheated before and gotten away with it.

In your view, is it right that we have congressman harry reid threatening more sanctions.

We need to have that backstop to try to make some progress?

It will strengthen the deal if congress were to pass some legislation with respect to enhance sanctions.

Iran has no choice because of the economic situation but to continue.

The reason iran has cheated is because the council of resistance leaks the intelligence to as.

That group is now under siege and iraq.

Some of them are in a hunger strike.

The last thing you want is for that group to disappear as they are trying to do this in a rock.

United stationers open up a door to this opposition.

The president spoke with prime minister netanyahu.

He called this deal " a historic mistake." how might israel make any progress?

I talked six time at the hebrew university of jerusalem.

I have extensive knowledge of the israeli attitude and culture.

When prime minister netanyahu called president rouhani a wolf in sheep's clothing, if you look at the next sentence after that and asap fable, the farmer came to the wolf in the sheaf in the pen and mistakingly killed the wolf because the farmer did not want to kill the wolf.

I suspect that what this means is that israel is liable to go it alone during this time.

Politically isolated israel is not a country you want to t ake lightly.

We are rainy and regime has brushed off a possibility that israel will take any military action because american does not necessarily have israel's back.

It does the u.s. need to tread lightly when it comes to israel?

I think president obama is doing the right thing and think will consult with israel for the next step here at israel should have been consulted throughout on this first step.

Israel is a wildcard.

This will allow for enrichment and reprocessing for nuclear fuel.

This is not good for israel.

Iran will have a nuclear on making capacity.

You teach international relations at georgetown.

If you were advising president obama, what would be the next step that you would advise he and his team to do?

I would advise the president, and i did that when i was on the national circuit -- national security council staff, to consult widely.

He conducted secret negotiations with iran and did not tell prime minister netanyahu.

I think you have to trust your allies.

Say, i'm going to take you into competent and if this weeks i will not be able to trust you again.

Consultation with the people who are affected.

The saudi's are very upset.

The saudi's do not want iran to be in a position where it dominates the middle east.

That exacerbates the shia/iran/sunni split.

We're going to leave it at that.

Thank you so much.

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