I’d Never Bet Against Jeff Bezos: Isaacson

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Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) –- Aspen Institute President & CEO Walter Isaacson and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson discuss Jeff Bezos and the changing media industry. They speak with Erik Schatzker and Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Book on him -- what is the book on him?

In 1999 we are trying to figure out who should be person of the mag -- of the year at "time magazine," and people said should it be in the internet business, and i said he is in the customer business.

Amazon fixed a problem.

They are innovative, and they execute.

I think jeff bezos, i would never bet against him.


I really loved brad stone's book.

Speaking of which, what is the book on amazon.

Which is interesting, the people of amazon hated the book.

Including his wife.

It is interesting to look at jeff bezos adulation of sam walton, and how he has always seen the company as walmart, including when he got a number of important executives that guided the company to put it in a position to be right now, where he really is a retailer of a lot of things, not just books and cds.

Can you figure out why he is so enamored with media that he would go out and buy "the post?" parks i love this.

I think all people that are ash i love this.

I think all people that are -- i love this.

I think all people that are successful should say how can i help the media industry?

[laughter] overnight, there has been more news.

I think once again, what me in the media business have to remember is we are in a customer service business.

We have to schematically know what people need and want.

? could thatget into dangerous territory -- could that get into dangerous territory?

I think people know they won a healthy diet of media, and if you give them good stuff as opposed to junk, it will succeed . cory johnson, the jeff bezos just by a buggy maker, and the automobile is just about to arrive?

As for klein leaves the washington post.

These are not blonde, these are great.

Cory johnson and i worked together in the early-1990's. we walked in, and and they said he looks like cory's father.

Jeff bezos sees a future in this.

I see future in the news business.

Look at the legacy costs that he inherits.

"the washington post" should have been researching -- listening.

In a "60 minutes" interview, there was a message -- complaining is not an option.

Another point, people are reinventing the media business very quickly these days.

I have watched as vox took from "the washington post," and they created a blog with serious journalism.

You are watching a lot of companies trying to create new, digital-first journalism.

"the washington post" missed the opportunity when "politico" spun off.

It will not miss that opportunity with jeff bezos.

Thank you.

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