How Viamedia Taps Into the Television Audience

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Sept. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Viamedia CEO Jeff Carter discusses television advertising trends with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Viamedia joins us now.

There is a new lexicon and vocabulary we have to understand.

What is automated media placement?

We are trying to solve the problem of fragmentation in national television.

I have been in the business in three decades.

At&t, mci, and we founded viamedia in 2001. there has been a sea change in that amount of time.

The plover for a shiv networks, programming, ways to view television.

-- the proliferation of networks, programming, ways to view television.

It is hard for national advertisers to meet and verify specific audiences.

What we have been able to do with placed media is to crack that code with an online tool am a to make itself serve.

We can audience verification on the measurements in the different sources and revived an opportunity for national advertisers to reach a very specific target audience.

-- and provide an opportunity for national advertisers to reach a very specific target audience.

There will be a change to our format.

On impression-based format for television.

Tell me how has television advertising typically been priced and how do you see the change?

On a ratings point basis.

There is a certain amount is typically charged for prime time ratings or for this show.

What we are doing is not charging for a rating point but based on the number of people that actually reach.

It is very similar to the internet.

We have been following the internet for a number of years.

The internet has been successful in drawing revenue on the revenue side.

The television industry in general, television viewing is a 70 billion dollar business.

65 billion of that is on traditional television.

5 billion is on the internet.

We estimate that ready percent of all of that inventory that is available on television goes on sale.

-- we estimate that 30% of all of that inventory available on television goes unsold.

We can aggregate impressions very specifically and methodically with a high degree of accuracy, pinpoint a target market and connect to advertisers and potential consumers in a very cost efficient basis.

Four and a half hours.

You recently did some surveys.

What is four and a half hours?

Like that is the average amount of time that people are spending with television -- that is the average amount of television people are spending with television each day.

Is at the time they are watching or just having it on?

Because of social media devices, it is hard to say.

What we can say is that that is authenticated.

People are sitting in front of the tv and it is engaged.

Whether they are actually watching the program at that specific time or not, we don't know until now with place to media where we can no on a very precise basis who was watching, when they're watching, delivering ads to those particular people at those times.

Where does that information come from?

As a come with links to cable operators?

There is data that we have purchased from different sources.

We are creating an audience identification row file.

Walked me through a process if an advertiser comes to your place media portal, what will they see and what do they slice and dice?

Well, they will see a very user-friendly interface that you can go online, plug in a budget.

A target audience, how many people do you want to reach, what specific time.

Our engine takes that data him and goes into a bevy of inventory across many different forms of programming so that there can be mvpd programming, network programming.

We can look for inventory that matches the profile and matches the impressions with the target audience that the audience has identified.

They can upload a commercial.

They can execute the order and then we are off to the races in trying to help customers, make their cash registers ring.

Who will you end up displacing?

Who will face the biggest challenge?

Is not really the displacement.

There is no revenue being generated or very little being

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