How U.S. Sequestration Cuts Impact FBI Operations

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Reynaldo Tariche, president of FBI Agents Association, explains how sequestration cuts affect the FBI and impair its ability to perform regular operations as they face deeper cuts in 2014. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Why isn't there a union for the the i? -- for the fbi?

We have an association that is 4 pillars and we provide advocacy for agents and we provide legal representation as well.

We have a charitable wing that is a college -- that is a college fund and members assistance fund.

What you think about these cuts?

Right now we're facing a very, very challenging time.

Yet the eye agents and all fbi employees are fiercely dedicated -- the fbi agents and all fbi and police are fiercely dedicated to the mission of the fbi.

Specifically, how is it affecting the fbi's ability, the agents' ability to do their jobs?

We recently compiled a report in which agents send us stories of what is going on based upon the cuts that occurred last year.

Give us an example.

For example, we have agents that submitted a story to us regarding gang investigations, in which their ability to conduct surveillance was being restricted because of something as unbelievable as gas rationing that we started to go through last year -- they don't have enough money to pay for gas in their cars?

Yes, that is correct.

That is one example of the cuts that came last year.

The cuts for 20 will add another $800 million worth of cuts to the fbi.

Last year, between our discretionary and nondiscretionary spending, it would comprise 39%, and we are cut to the bare-bones right now.

This is just under sequestration.

Let's talk about a worst-case scenario.

It is most definitely not off the table.

The government -- congress, i should say more specifically -- is not able to reach a decision on the debt ceiling, and we have to prioritize payments, which means that the government is going to prevent, presumably, itself from defaulting, which means there will be less money available for everything, from the fbi to everything else that is not considered mandatory.

What happens then?

We are looking at an $800 million cut for fiscal year '14 and under those cuts, two weeks of furloughs, where fbi agents will be sent home without pay the difference is, terrorists do not get furloughed, gang leaders do not get furloughed, hackers do not get furloughed.

We are looking for some sort of agreement between the administration and congress so that we can move forward, because we believe that there is safety and there is risk involved to the mac and people with cuts like this -- to the american people with cuts like this.

I agree with you 100%. if i had to vote the first dollar out of the u.s. government, it is to protect our property rights.

To the privacy fbi of this -- it is fundamental -- to deprive the fbi of this -- it is fundamental to protect property rights.

But don't you think this is a result of tremendous misallocation of resources in the entire federal government, and now you are just in the next -- mix with everybody else?

I don't disagree with what you are saying but i believe we have been given a mission by the congress to protect the american people, and there has got to be a way to come to an agreement.

If you can give us a mission where we are subsidized and we can do our mission -- many at bia agents have left the grid if arrears in the private sector and came to the -- have left lucrative careers in the private sector and came to the fbi because we want to do our jobs and our mission.

I have to believe that every single member of congress believes that protection of property rights and law- enforcement is absolutely critical.

The crazy thing is that you might even find more republicans feeling that way, or more strongly in that regard, then perhaps democrats.

How is it that you have failed to make this an issue with republicans who presumably would be on your side?

Again, i think that is a question we should pose to congress, because the fbi agents i -- because whether republican or democrat, they are dedicated to our mission, to ensure the safety of the market people and prevent terrorist attacks and cyber intrusions.

Enemies of the united states are trying to steal our secrets, avid technology, to gain and a -- our technology, to gain an advantage against us.

What do they say when you tell these things?

They say they will try to work on it.

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