How to Save Money With Fall Travel Deals

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Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) –- CEO Tom Parsons discusses how to save money on holiday travel with Olivia Sterns on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We want to review some of the key headlines coming through from president obama earlier.

You saw him eating with the presidents of three baltic states.

Topic number one was -- meeting with the presidents of three baltic states.

Topic number one was syria.

He was saying if there is action, it will be limited and with no ground troops.

It is 56 minutes past the hour.

We're going to take you out to the newsroom.

Olivia sterns is there.

Stocks are continuing to fall.

Investors are still monitoring the situation and syria.

We had disappointing data on consumer sentiment and income.

That is weighing on the overall sentiment.

Two stocks want to highlight.

The first is apache, the company that explores and produces oil and gas.

The second stock we are watching is u.s. airways.

Shares flying high today.

Travel is the focus of today's sector report.

It may be too late to get a deal on a labor day getaway, but it's never too early to plan your next.

Ceo tom parsons joins me now.

Are there any deals out there (they weekend?

You can probably get on a plane tomorrow and come back monday or tuesday, but the number of last-minute getaways is very limited.

Next weekend, if you want to leave friday evening, we will see 10 times the number of last- minute getaways.

Right now we have got to be focused on thanksgiving and christmas.

Thanksgiving, the monday before thanksgiving coming back to friday or leaving thanksgiving day are going to be the two cheapest travel periods for thanksgiving.

For christmas and new year's, i'm looking at december 24 and 25th, coming back the 31st -- those are going to be the cheapest days.

New york -- l.a. to new york or boston, coming in around 350 to fly on those days.

Other days, as -- it will be $500. dozens and dozens of cities reduced, first-class.

You can go round trip, $395 west palm beach to new york.

You get the big seats.

I have 20 different cities i can go to from l.a., las vegas, san francisco, orlando, new york city.

$400 sounds like a bargain, to go first class from new york to west palm beach.

Tell me about the strategy of shopping a travel deal website.

What is the timeframe i should go on a website like this?

I think most of the sales start on a tuesday and end on a thursday.

We do something that is a little different.

We look at, snooze, you lose.

We saw l.a., dallas, miami to bermuda for $311. they start wednesday morning.

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