How to Maximize Hotel and Airline Reward Points

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Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Founder Brian Kelly discusses rewards programs with Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Not all hotels are increasing the points.

You mentioned conrad maldives.

In general, the loyalty programs are huge moneymaker for the hotels and airlines.

In preparation for the ipo hilton devalued, because they need to pay less money to each individual hotel as eugene points.

Up to 90% increase in points needed, which sounds crazy.

I know you know everything one needs to know about airline points.

Some say the hotel points of more valuable.

Is that the case?

It depends bidder starwood points are extremely valuable because you can transfer to airlines at a really valuable ratio.

You have options for hotels and airlines.

Points are devaluing but they could still be extremely valuable if you know how to use them.

What about credit cards?

I barred a 40 inch tv on amazon because of the -- i bought a 40 inch tv on amazon because of it.

It is all about credit hards -- credit card these days.

Frequent spender programs.

Not just getting one point for a dollar.

Every time you use a credit card, have a posted note -- post it note.

What are we giving up enrolling in these frequent- flier plans, especially credit cards?

You need to compare it to cash back.

Is your free ticket more -- worth more than the tv?

Some don't want to travel more once they are at home.

If you do cash back, generally two percent.

We love having you on because all of us have been taken to the cleaners.

What is your to do list for january of 2014? i am having a vacation.

Taking 12 hours off.

What can i do as i get ready for next year?

2014 is an interesting year because delta and united are putting revenue requirements -- not only do you need to fly but you need to spend huge amounts of money.

Top-tier with united, $10,000 a year on united.

So, if you fly lufthansa and it is a lufthansa ticket it does not count.

Good more bob nardelli but maybe not the rest of us.

Do people actually redeem all of their points or is a waste of money?

People redeem all the time by huge amount of quarters.

People need to stop hoarding their points.

But don't liquidate them for really bad redemptions.

That tv might be amazing but if you could have had business class to europe, what would you have rather had?

$72 -- mumbai, dubai, new york, emirates first-class, 90,000 miles, $90. i am sorry, "time" man of the year.

We asked everyone who has the best rewards for graham -- an airline, hotel?

He is head of pr for the gap.

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