How to Make Brands Resonate With the Power of Music

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeffrey Hayzlett, Arcade Creative Group Founder and President Adam Owett and Horizon Media Senior VP of Research Brad Adgate discuss the marriage of music and marketing and how to use music to create cultural relevance for brands. They speak with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

And it is great to have another adam on set.

We have got to share it a little bit.

Music has always been in ads, but somehow in the last couple of years, it has gotten amped up.

What has changed?

People are listening more, and there are more ways to listen, whether it is streaming downloads or conventional cd.

People are listening to music more and more, and i think marketers are realizing it is more than just jingles.

It is a strategic platform to reach their target.

So the opportunity then is that you can really make your brand resonate in a way that is different, maybe a little edgier, a little younger, a little hipper?

When i think about using music, i do not think you should use music for music's sake.

I think it should be part of the strategic brand part, and it should not be a trojan horse to connect with the audience.

It should be used in a deeper way.

What do you mean by that?

Ok, you can have a lousy commercial and put a good song with that, and it becomes less lousy.

In other words, the specific song, the rhythm of the song, the performer, whatever it is, it has to be part of an integrated message.

We all identify with songs, and we can think that one, 2, 3, and we are into that mood.

How are you going about selling that, making the emotional connection that the brand typically has?

I think that is the key.

There are on many levels where you can apply music.

Electronic cigarettes.

It came down to using great songs that set the stage for a clear message, and it was very effective.

What song did you use?

Foreigner's "feels like the first time." it is delivering a message.

It is the first time for many.

You are in your 50s, and you want to quit smoking, and the song brought that back.

That is your whole point.

It has to be so integral with the ad that it makes sense.

Almost on an emotional level.

It is really taking an image and connecting it to a client.

It is a growing space.

Sports marketing is another growing space.

Have they not always done this?

You think about jingles.

I went to teach the world to sing.

Trace atkins, a friend of mine, called me up and said that he had a song that he wanted to play for me, trying to make that connection.

In my world, what we do at arcade, that is a piece of what we do, but we really look at music beyond the song and the artist create we look at the brand and at every touch point, whether it is to doodle, mobile, consumer generated, new music, old music, experiential, whatever, and we look at how to use the different touch points with different ways to use them, so it starts with a strategy.

"true colors" with cindy lauper, you hear that, and you think of the brand.

Another example, something we did with coca-cola, which was completely different, we treated completely new music where there was no dialogue, where all the discussion happened through music, and the music personified different characters, so the opportunity is also the problem.

People think of music.

I am curious.

You have no musical background at all.

Instead -- except for playing and performing it.

But you have an appreciation that can help married it with what your client is looking for, and it is a skill.

You have to decide what music can do it.

And also, you have to have a deeper understanding to do this effectively with where the market is going in terms of looking at all the different ways that music annex with people and using that beyond just what music it is and who is the artist create this is getting very complex, just as the music industry itself is.

It can be streamed.

Some of these are being written for commercials.

It is no longer these cheesy jingles.

The idea this is professionally made, and it is something that can play on the radio.

Getting back to the brand message, which i think is important, and this is for companies who really have a sense of who they are and what they are selling and then how they want to resonate to the audience.

That is what it is.

You hear that and see that and feel that.

That is a a, big part of it.

As you are thinking about all of the different companies now and all of the different artist that you want to pair up, what is going to happen over the next 12 months?

What are the linkups?

The themes that we are going to see?

In terms of artists we would link to brand?

Sitting in the conference room, we want to move nissan foreword.

Yield good.

It resonates with people.

As you are thinking about moving those brands forward over the next 12 months, what are some of the ideas, some of the themes that you guys in the conference room are talking about right now?

Well, certainly, we look at brand like that, and we try to hear about their business challenges.

To fulfill the brand mission.

Our goal is to create a cultural relevance for the brand, and we are trying to reach millennial's , we're going to take a different route than if, let's say, we are going to try to reach moms.

If i am the chief marketing officer, i want it to have legs.

I wanted to carry on, here it and do it, but in the end, i want to move sales.

That is the most important thing that most of us want.

And the types of things i am thinking about and my team are thinking about, we think of this as a campaign, not as a one off, not as an addition to an existing campaign, though therefore, we are looking for something that can be successful in the market, that can become something the brand can repeat year after year as long as it is meaningful and actually increase sales.

Thanks for being here.

As always, a pleasure to have you.

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