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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- 72 and Sunny CEO John Boiler discusses the company's advertising success with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Top spot.

We have worked with some of the most innovative brands.

This week alone, we have tim ellis the cmo of activision and todd handelman -- todd pendleton.

We are very excited.

How much pressure are you under when you are working with something like activision.

Guns and violence in videogames, that's what people want but many people don't want that.

How do you balance that?

The big challenge for"" call of duty is they have a great core audience $800 million the first take.

That bar gets satire every day and we have to exceed that.

We have to talk to our core of great gamers but expands them more.

We have to expand to would be gamers.

There is the salty expert and he embraces the new guy and that was laid byjonah hill and that did a lot to move business.

This is not a brand that was so difficult tom it sells itself.

Samsung andjay-z - is this about bringing the hottest names and faces to these products?

Couldn't anybody do this?

I think it is about innovating in an authentic way.

With samsung, jay-z is all about doing the next big thing first so the alignment between this?

Samsung which is innovating and jay-z, it's a great partnership.

Look at the way we launched his new album, " magna carta." we did that with an existing installed base of the galaxy s4 phone users.

We delivered one million records in 24 hours making the album go platinum for the first time in history.

Everybody desires this and you need to attach them to a brand?

Before jay-z samsung did not have the desire factor that apple does.

Maybe not but and kate upton eats burgers.


I've seen her body, she eats cheeseburgers?

I've seen her eat cheeseburgers.

How do you make a decision on someone like that?

Does the average buyer know who kate upton is/ our audience for those burgers are young, hungry guys and they tend to know kate upton . you set the bar high and you are the new guy in town -- what is next?

And every brand we have the opportunity to bring innovation, we will do that.

We recently won the global smirnoff account so that's an opportunity to reinvent and the spirits category.

There is samsung and a steady beat of innovation out of that company and will continue to throw that their way.

You've already got major success with diddy and jay-z - do you want to takesmirnoff and marry that with advertising?

They have different challenges.

It might not make sense to align them with a celebrity.

What kind of challenges?

The opportunity there as the biggest spirit brand of the world is set the stage for all vodka brands.

And we need to change the conversation.

I feel that's a category that has been cordoned itself off behind a velvet rope and become fancy.

I think it could become democratic and change the conversation.

People just want vodka but

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