Pope Francis the Most Popular Person in the World?

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Langer Research Associates Founder and President Gary Langer discusses the popularity of Pope Francis on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop. (Source: Bloomberg)

Winning in every poll you look at.

The pope repeatedly making headlines since taking the top job in march.

Called for more social and economic equality.

That seems to be resonating with politics.

The harvard and it -- business review will write a turnaround manual based on pope francis's work with the catholic church.

Think back a few years.

The depth of the child sex abuse scandal.

Not so long ago.

There was wrought dissatisfaction amongst catholics in the church, the policy of the church, great concern about child sexual abuse scandals.

This is engineering a remarkable turnaround in the popularity of the papacy.

92%. i would argue it is about authenticity.

He effectively took a vow of piety and lives a pious life and does not live -- it is almost like romney.

He was a liberal governor who tried to morph himself into a conservative candidate and it did not ring true.

The opposite is true of the pope.

It is a redirection in emphasis.

As recently as last spring, six in 10 catholics said their own church was out at touch with concerns of catholics in the united states.

That is a focus on issues on which many catholics disagree with church policy, on allowing priest to marry.

Even issues like gay marriage.

Any catholics disagree with the policies of church and have not wanted the church to be so focused on these.

This church has moved the focus in one direction.

Two people agree with him?

63% of americans agreed there should be less focus on the dominance of capitalism and more on economic inequality.

I want to clarify one point.

This is fundamentally important.

Seven in 10 americans in this country do not have a college degree.

If you do not have a college degree, your real income in the last generation has dropped by 11%. the drop in income represents the inequality people are feeling and is exactly what the code is talking about.

Thank you for being with us.

The one tradition we can make is we see a lot of politicians

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