How Important is Sports to Detroit?

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- Detroit Free Press Columnist Drew Sharp discusses the role of sports in a city with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Former detroit mayor dave bing.

Describe the role that the detroit lions and detroit tigers play in the current economy of the city.

They play an important role, pimm.

Despite the fact that the detroit economy has had more valleys and peaks, both of those teams do a very good job in the penance.

The detroit lions -- no matter how bad they play, they still do a pretty good job of selling out their home games.

Sports plays a role.

It helps people forget economic struggles the city has endured for quite some time.

Drew sharp, what about stadiums for downtown detroit?

The stadiums would help.

Right now there will be a new hockey arena for the detroit red wings that will place the old, dilapidated joe louis arena.

A lot of people are saying it is time to invest in the new stadium.

You have political leaders , corporate leaders like a roger penske, the head of quicken loans, the owner of the tigers in the red wings -- they say it is more important now for sports to take a bigger role to show the rest of the country that detroit is open for business.

Even though the perception of the city has gotten worse with the new status of declared bankruptcy.

Quick scan the city of detroit -- can people in the city of detroit afford these games or do people come out from outside the city?

It is more in the suburban pocket.

What detroit has done, they have created an oasis.

The conservative part of downtown, where the sports stadiums are.

People from all walks of life can come and feel safe and be entertained.

I have long maintained that downtown detroit is probably be safe as of the city, because what police resources are there, they do use them in those areas.

I do think that is part of the plan that people are going to use to bring detroit back.

Start with that sports infrastructure, use it as a magnet to bring people and attract business.

Again, sports does play a role.

I think more so with detroit than any other city.

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