How Hulu Decides Which Shows to Green-Light

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) – Charlotte Koh, Head of Development for Hulu Originals, discusses Hulu’s original programming with Jon Erlichman at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (Source: Bloomberg)

I think we have the luxury of serving many different audiences as opposed to adhering to a broader target demographic.

The beauty of the service is we get to look at different projects and consider who is it for?

Are a lot of them using hulu right now.

Then we take it from there.

How do you determine if the show is a hit?

What is the way to decide that?

I think it is a qualitative and quantitative judgment.

We are very curious about how it is received by the press and the community in terms of the caliber itself.

Lex what is the process of green lighting a show for hulu?

Months, weeks, faster than that?

Anywhere from weeks to months and try to make it as painless as possible.

It is a negotiation of process.

There are lots of financial parameters to define as well as the rules of the road.

Particularly when you do coproductions.

You want to make sure everyone is clear on what the role is before you start so expectations are managed.

When it comes to budgets and how much these shows may end up costing or what you are willing to put into a show, what is that process like?

An unlimited budget or do you have to weigh the pros and cons?

We have to think about the audience and how much you need to get great production value.

A variety of factors that go into the equation.

You think about this level of talent in writing and think about how much it will cost to do that right.

If you take what you just said and put it into the lineup of 2014, how does that compare?

2014 we spend more than ever, which is great.

I think the coproducing and cofinancing partnerships are critical in raising the bar.

It meant we could leverage the risk and have creative relationships.

The new shows i am most excited about our are "deadbeat" and "hote t wives." they have a great innovative spirit about them.

I think audiences will love them.

A guy can try.

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