How Hightail Is Securing Data in the Cloud

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Hightail CEO Brad Garlinghouse discusses Bing's battle against Google, Hightail's acquisition of AdeptCloud and what NSA surveillance means for cloud storage. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

What kind of battle is bing facing?

It is tough.

Anytime you have a competitor like google leading the industry and continuing to renovate, -- to innovate, it has a lot of headwind.

I think the industry is better with more competition.

As for what are you -- for what you are up to, this acquisition, what is it about?

We feel like customers benefit for more transparency.

We have prioritized having you more control and transparency.

If anything, as more people use dropbox they realize they want the transparency.

Adeptcloud gives us the next relay or for high-end security to manage your data inside of your data center.

We were talking about battles and surge.

People have been talking about the billboard which is says your files and should be never dropped nor bosed.

-- boxed.

One of the things we hear, for example, dropbox is a great place to store my stuff.

Hightail is a place to share your ideas so you can interact with people inside and outside your firewall.

On this issue of security, talking about a new device categories, watches, where the file show up is changing quickly.

Has security been an issue for you in the past?

Is that why you're a moving down this road?

It is something we have invested in from day one.

The ability to expire a file after one download has been a popular feature.

I can detect a file so only you have the password.

These are things that have been foundational to the company.

We're giving ourselves a new elena kagan activity to invest in.

The subject of the -- a new powder keg of activity to invest in.

The subject of the nsa.

Is this of concern to you?

I look at this the same way many silicon valley leaders have.

I think it is necessary for the government to be more transparent about what they are doing and why, in the same manner our customers care about control.

I think the lack of transparency is what many people have raised a concern, so loudly among the silicon valley leadership.

Let's talk about the name.

When you made the name change, it is a really important thing.

What has been that process so far as making the change, the feedback, everything that goes with that?

Any name change is for the faint of heart.

We felt we had outgrown the you send it name let alone the functionality for tomorrow.

Instead of thinking about you stare -- a store it, sign it, we needed a name that encompassed all of those things.

Hightail is a name we could get around.

It connotes agility and speed.

We feel good about it so far.

It has gone well.

Always good for you to stop by.

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