How Drexel Students’ Dragon Fund Beat the Street

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April 24 (Bloomberg) –- Drexel University Associate Professor of Finance Daniel Dorn, Drexel University CIO Catherine Ulozas and Drexel Seniors Joshua Kohler and Anthony Gryscavage discuss managing the student-run Dragon Fund. They speak with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

The investment is completely in our hands.

We don't have any perverse incentives.

42.7% for the year for 2013. it was a tough year.

That was a market that was just on fire.

How do you think you got that extra edge?

What are you investing in that did so well?

Like struck so has a tight process and it is successful and repeatable.

What we invest in is biopharmaceuticals.

What are you looking at this year?

We are not actually in the fund this year.

We only have two quarters.

Here's this whole debate about the fund manager.

You guys are confident because you are on the faculty.

You have been with the students since this whole thing was launched.

What is it that you try to do to help guide them and help them be successful?

We have a vigorous process and terms of picking stocks.

We have a consistent approach over time.

This includes the students splitting up into sector teams.

They have to convince the other students to vote something into the fund.

It is really up to the students whether something gets in her doesn't get into the fund and that has worked quite well.

You can think of this is a meanie beauty contest.

It is not all about values.

You have to be able to sell it.

The kids have to be able to sell it to get people to go along with it.

Has this been the best year?

This has been their best year.

They have outperformed all of the other u.s. domestic equities managers and the global managers and our area managers.

If they were a morningstar rated fund they would be five-star and they would have been above the average.

Plaxico back to this looking at 2008 and you guys are certainly on an upward track.

What is it that you are doing?

You're both seniors, looking to work on wall street?


I want to work in investment management.

I request a rate in june.

I want to be in equity analyst.

I like coming in every day in a dynamic market.

Muni we'll be seeing you here in new york.

Coming up next, we will have a

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