How Can Yahoo Attract New Advertisers?

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Former Ask Jeeves President Adam Klein and COO and Kiip CEO Brian Wong discuss Yahoo's strategy for increasing advertising with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

You heard a bit about marissa mayer'strategys for by businesses and products relevant to what the user wants, particularly on mobile.

It sounds easy, but how do you integrate new businesses into an existing company?

I think you have put your finger on one of the historic challenges.

They have made some great acquisitions in the past.

So many of them died on the vine and we have not known how to support them, integrate them, or leverage them.

The first thing she said is to leave them exactly as this.

That is the right thing to say, i suppose.

Potentially disgruntled users.

But why buy them if you are not going to work out how to leverage them?

Other acquisitions have been in mobile and community issues.

They are creating quite a nice buzz to attract interesting people.

This place is not really a has been any more, it might be going through the second corner.

A lot of the financial credit she is getting today has to do with decisions made a long time ago about the value of ali baba.

I would argue that the jury is out and she is talking about the right issues, but we have to see how you leverage those.

That has been their problem in the past.

Comment on the idea of advertising competitions.

There are many places advertisers can go on line.

What will make them different?

A lot of the money is usually spent in the top three with the bill have to take an irrelevance creating with a younger audience and bring that to the table.

Something they're able to sell.

There is other value that comes from one under and 25 million registered accounts.

The ability to cross pollinate user bases without affecting the product itself.

What you see her continue have to create products that own daily habits, their value proposition will have to be the ones coming after the fact, you see the mistakes face but is making along the way and he who doing something that is different that will catch the eye as an innovative product.

That is why they are attracting eyeballs from the media advertising company.

Dodge doesn't it cost less than advertising and in newspaper or magazine?

That is the allure of an advertiser.

If the margins collapsed because you were serving up ads and not making as much money, how is that a viable business strategy?

Subscriptions, if you can get them, are spectacular.

Your point about the declining price of inventory , particularly mobile, it started at a high level -- at a relatively low level.

The exciting work in advertising, i think, those looking at how we advertise across channels and platforms.

And we recognize the millennium lifestyle.

Tv is less important but still there.

You have the tablet completely changing the world.

You have to be on all the different platforms in an integrated fashion.

They have some of those pieces in who will see how effectively they can integrate into the lifestyle because that is where the power is.

Their advertising went up hundreds of%. the early days, just to see if they can really capture.

They are getting more traffic which is fantastic.

We will continue the conversation.

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