How BOE Can Get an Assist From ECB, Strong Pound

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June 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jennifer Ryan previews today’s decision day at the Bank of England and looks at the economic concerns that weigh on the decision and how the European Central Bank and pound could help the BOE. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

It is all but a foregone conclusion that mario draghi will cut rates.

What does a stronger pound mean for the outlook of interest rates?

That eases the pressure of the bank of england.

He keeps a lid on inflation pressures.

Low rates for longer?

There are some divisions occurring within the committee.

Any signal that inflation pressures are not going to be running away gives them a little bit more confidence that there -- that risks are not getting out of control.

If that's what the bank of england wants to see?

There is another issue going on and that is the balance of how growth place out.

You had a lot of consumer spending lifting the housing market and there is a push to move away from that.

It undermines or puts roadblocks in front of the project.

The housing market is a big source of concern.

It could be the biggest threat to growth because it is too hot.

The housing market today is enough to prompt a rate increase?

The bank is committed to the view that monetary policy is the last line of defense.

I was at an event last night with richard sharp, a member of the financial policy committee.

We look at the housing market across the u.k. economy.

It is not just cash buyers in london.

It is not necessarily something we can tackle on.

What other measures?

They can do things such as affordability criteria and they can look at what kind of questions thanks ask people looking for mortgages and the kind of capital the banks need to set aside.

Thank you to jennifer ryan covering the bank of england for us.

Ing's big plan, the dutch company is taking into -- it's european insurance public.

If the timing right?


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