Holiday Inn Is Our Biggest Brand: Solomons

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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Solomons, chief executive officer of InterContinental Hotels Group, talks about first-half profit and outlook at the world's largest hotel-room provider. Adam Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

That will make sure that people stay, with wifi.

The ceo of solomon spoke with us about competition in the markets from the budget brands.

The bulk of the revenue are in the upscale business market.

The economy section itself is not that large.

Where it holds the best is where we operate.

We focus on consumers, but they want, and our consumers that way.

Very targeted to what consumers need.

In actual the focus of where scale and the business model is.

We compete by offering customers what they want and a great returns for owners.

This year i think we have shown that we do that well.

The important thing , the need for international quality brands.

We see that there is a big demand for chinese customers.

Clearly there is outbound travel from china, but it will grow very fast.

The biggest brand in china with their longer than anywhere else.

I think that over time, not immediately but over time, with other key markets, it will work for us well this weekend.

Let's say you are feeling

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