Here’s How to Build a Top Shelf Whiskey Collection

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Mahesh Patel, founder & CEO at Universal Whiskey Experience and “Bloomberg Surveillance” anchor Tom Keene discuss the secrets of building a fine whiskey collection on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Before we get to the taste test, which i know tom wants to do -- the way.

-- no way.

You brought bottles with you.

A lot of my collection is about quality rather than quantity.

A lot of my pieces are rare.

You separated these into two groups.

On the left-hand side, tell us about those bottles.

Let me start off -- getting into whiskey collecting is a unique subject.

The bottle that i wanted to showcase, the pale, yellow one in the middle, it is hard of a classic mold selection.

This is one that i bought 10 years ago, and it has appreciated considerably.

It is probably touching $1000. that is one way to get into the collecting seen.

By a classic malt product.

I started off with smaller bottles.

That is about $1000. it is now, but you can get annual releases that are a couple hundred dollars.

You can get them from already know -- reputable sources in the united states.

Then we have a release from the early 1990's, which was around 300,000 a bottle.

-- $3000 a bottle.

The bottle has been fantastic to taste and enjoy, but if you can buy one today, they are running around $2000. how do you know what is going to go up?

It is very complicated.

Not all whiskey appreciates.

You have to pick up on iconic brands.

Always go for things like glenn farkas.

We will be trying this 40-year- old.

These are established brands.

You have to do a lot of research.

The best thing i suggest is go to events, whiskey tasting functions, like the one i hosted in las vegas, where you'll try bottles like this and you meet the best distillers and blunders.

My problem is i open a bottle, and we do not collect it, because we drink it all.

And i asked a dumb question -- can you open a bottle and keep it on the shelf?

That is the beauty about whiskey.

Once you open it, it will stay for at least five years or so.

When it gets to about one quarter size, you can invite your friends and enjoy the product.

I am like you.

I also enjoy the product.

You have to enjoy the product.

My philosophy is by 2 -- one to enjoy.

With the bottle next to you.

Other more expensive.

These are more expensive.

I want to talk about this iconic this delivery that released something called a black ball mark.

They are up to $6,000 in value.

This is the black bomore, and that is about $4500 retail.

Then, this was just launched in the united states.

This will run at 4.5 thousand -- $4500. you would say buy into that one, because it is going to go up.

Bottles like that will definitely go up.

All of these bottles have gone up because all of the bottles are iconic.

Always go with something that have some substance.

Look for something that has more of a limited production.

Now it is time to drink.

That is the queue.

This is a wonderful distillery.

How much is that bottle?

$1500. $2000. you are kidding me.

I have a treat for you.

This is 1972? this is vintage 1972. but i have to stop doing early morning -- i had stop doing early morning television.

This is owned by a six generation george grant.

They have about four decades of whiskeys.

This is from 1972. i am not the proper way to treat it.

-- i am not a whiskey drink or.

You can get been nosing, all of the flavors.

This is the perfect way.

But me pour you some, sir.

That is more than some.

It is thursday, isn't it?

Do you like to have a cigars with your whiskey?

I like a cigar, but you really do not want anything else on your palate.

Two good health.

Here, we say human resource violation.

Take it up to your nose, see what you get.

I do that with a genny cream alice well.

-- cream ale as well.

Let it sit there.

There is so much age in their.

It is touching 39 years old.

I have never had anything this glorious.

Works well, you have now.

It is a great whiskey.

Do you mind if we finish it?

Radio will wait.

There is a marketing of more affordable scotch.

What do i get most wrong when i go into a bar or walk into a liquor store and i am like everyone else buying a 40 or $50 bottle of scotch?

You are not really making a mistake.

Should i spend $20 more?

Start with that.

Then, move up the ladder, explore, and go to the next level.

That does two things -- you can become a collector and start drinking as well, but that is when you will start appreciating.

How did you get into this, mahesh patel?

I have been around it well over 25 years.

I'm originally from the u.k.. when i was a teenager or getting back into university, i started to explore whiskey.

I might have to as well.

Rick snyder is fine.

You going -- i might have to as well.

That is fine.

A christmas party at betty liu's.

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