Has Tim Cook Finally Proven Himself as Apple CEO?

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April 24 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu, and Adam Johnson look at trending news stories and the Twitter question of the day on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

The fda will outline plans to regulate these products, in addition, pipe tobacco too.

They will ban free samples.

As i look at that on ege guy vaping -- i smoked a cigar every sunday.

And makes me wonder, why?

The guy next door to me smokes a cigar.

I said it is great.

In his apartment?

He stinks up the whole floor.

It is a very relaxing moment.

I'm pretty sure it is not good for me.

On my agenda -- 64 companies?

13% of the index.

I am watching visa.

$2.18. it is a harbinger of the u.s. consumer.

And the international consumer.

If they tip that $2.18 number, that says a lot about spending.

You will double in five years.

That is good.

Here's my agenda.

We have a ton of twitter questions.

Yesterday was extraordinary -- it says so much about the activism of carl icahn.

Howard ward visits us.

Michael holland as well.

This will be a game changer.

I will not predict this, but i will suggest -- when did apple become a down component?

That may have been one of the catalysts.

But could to her twitter question of the day.

Has tim cook finally proven himself as apple's ceo?

The answers are, yes.

You know how it is, living quarter by quarter.

Second answer, proven cfo.

But, a newbie.

I am afraid his imagination isn't textbook.

How important is he to apple?

He is huge.

How about this?

Let's see the product roadmap.

Smart answers.

Bigger iphones.

If you are watching, carl icahn, tweet in.

He ended his tweet by saying i would be interested -- i thought he was very gracious.

Thank you so much.

We should have you back every earnings day.

He can talk on every company.

Thank you to everyone on twitter in france, killing me for my pronunciation.

We will continue.

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