Has George Soros Taken a Stake in Herbalife?

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Emily Chang and Trish Regan report that Billionaire Investor George Soros may have taken a stake in Herbalife. They speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

George soros has taken a stake in herbal life.

Tsuris trish regan just got off -- trish regan just got off the phone with carl icahn.

What did he have to say?

He said he didn't know if he had purchased it, but let me share with he said to me.

"as i have said in the past, they are a company with great potential." they it -- there has been so much trauma surrounding this entire story.

Really, part of the results of the conflict between bill act men and carl icahn.

Do not forget, he was on months ago earlier in the year, and was very specific about his thoughts on bill adtran.

It has erupted into very much an issue between these men.

We have learned -- bloomberg has learned that when they calculated some of these numbers, mr.

Ackerman has lost roughly $200 million in the trade so far.

Of course, the stock has been on a tear since word leaked that george soros may have purchased a position in the stock.

Carl cannot confirm either way, but he did save while there is no knowledge, he certainly hopes that he has and he restated to me, carl icahn did, that he has leased herbal life as a company with a lot of potential.

I wonder if we have the intraday, you can see if it has shot up on this news.

Right, the shares i am looking at right now are up more than 9% right now, in part because of this news.

Trish regan in new york, thank you so much for that update on your conversation with carl icahn.

What have walter m. skiver been out to during the -- and skylar been up to in the "breaking bad" hiatus?


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