Has Ellison Turned Sailing Into a Spectator Sport?

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Andy Dolich, former COO of the San Francisco 49ers, comments on Larry Ellison’s Oracle Team USA winning the America's Cup. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

I was actually down the street watching the race at the finish line.

I shot a video of the boat crossing the finish line, and the excitement was palpable.

I was there a couple of weeks ago when they were waved down, and nobody thought this kind of comeback was possible.

Purely from the perspective of the sport, how big a deal is this win?

It is a big deal, but i think it will disappear in a short time.

Everything we have going on, football and basketball starting, it's going to pale in comparison.

That is one of the real challenges.

What is next for the america's cup, how do you get more sports fans engaged?

Clearly, new zealand is viewing the oracle sale with skull and cross bones today.

It has been very much a niche sport, not mainstream.

Did he succeed?

No, i don't think he did.

Ultimately, this was talked about, in regard to being the olympics of sailing him and we just have such a shortage of countries because of the vast resources needed to win the cup.

So in the next opportunity, i think you have to have 10 or 12 or 16 countries from around the world sailing on boats so that everybody can win.

In the olympics, anybody can win the olympic marathon.

In the america's cup, only one person can win, and has now done it two times in a row a cousin of the resources and the passion he has brought into it.

That takes out the competition and doesn't bring it to a wider audience.

Ellison has been accused of making this cup too expensive for other countries around the world.

It was his vision to make these boats extremely technologically advanced.

They don't really sale, they fly along the water.

Is that a fair criticism?

I think so.

They are spaceships on the water.

Not that we're going back to the beauty of 12 meter yachts, but you have to put them on boats that everybody can embrace and every country has a chance to win, or else you don't have a competition.

He might have been the oracle in terms of saying i'm going to come back from the dead and when this cup, but the question is, which cities will compete to host the cup, how will it work as a business going forward in the future, and will sponsors want to be engaged in this, of which there was not a very high level in the technological capital of the world, san francisco.

I understand he wants to watch the races in person, but yesterday at oracle world, he didn't show up.

The last quarter was not fantastic.

Is he neglecting his day job?

I cannot speak directly to that, but he is a very successful businessman, and i'm sure there will be a few toasts to the miraculous win of oracle over the next few days of open world.

If you're talking about fortuitous timing in terms of winning a global race here and having open world, you couldn't have timed this any better.

Some people view him as a genius.

I don't think this has been a marketing win for oracle and definitely has not been a marketing or business win for the city of san francisco.

Let's talk about that.

I know you were involved in the early stages when the cup was coming to san francisco.

It has been very expensive.

Taxpayers were worried we would end up paying for this.

Why hasn't not been a win for san francisco?

We talked about the fact that a lot of countries could not compete.

Originally, larry ellison said that up to 14 countries were going to come here, and we got down to three or four.

People love to see competition.

Even though you could see it in the water, it did not ingrain itself into the american sporting mindset.

Big toys for big boys have a long way to go.

They talk about this being nascar on the water.

A completely different demographic than he was looking for.

There is a long way to go with all the competition he is facing in the sports world or in the entertainment world.

I interviewed the ceo of team oracle usa.

He said they want to keep it in san francisco.

If they do this again here for years from now, what should be done differently?

I think the city is in a great negotiating position, because they know what the shortfall was.

They didn't see the money from the silicon valley that they thought was coming to this cup.

I think they can help dictate what is the right kind of event.

San francisco is always going to be a spectacular city, whether it has the america's cup or not.

I would love to see it back here to build on the success and excitement they have had in the last week, but i keep coming back to the technology of these votes.

Races -- the technology of these boats.

Races were canceled because of too much wind.

You cannot cancel a sailing race because of wind.

Especially on the ultimate course of san francisco bay.

So i think the organizers have to figure out what kind of boats will be sailed in the next

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