Has Berkshire Hathaway Stock Become Too Popular?

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Jeff Matthews, founder at Ram Partners and author of “Secrets In Plain Sight,” talks with Betty Liu about Berkshire Hathaway board member Howard Buffett, Warren Buffett’s historically positive attitude about the United States, succession plans for the company and why the stock may have become too popular. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

In the interview, we focused on philanthropy.

It is interesting to see this book tour.

People are -- the american public is getting a first view on who the buffett's are.

Who howard buffett is going to be, he is going to take over in some capacity.

I thought it was fascinating.

The more time he gives howard, the more comfortable berkshire shareholders are going to be.

He has a lot of experience in the real world and places were the world is headed to like africa.

I think it provides comfort to shareholders.

What is the biggest question you believe they have on howard buffett and the buffett legacy?

The obvious one is can he filled his father's shoes?

The real answer is nobody could ever do that.

He will be able to fill the chairman's spot quite well.

He has the sense of humor, the attitude towards people, the ability to relate to people.

He will be a fine chairman.

I will play for you one, that warren buffett just told me earlier.

This is why people follow him, his philosophy on life.

I was lucky.

I was born in the united states, the odds were against that.

If i had been born thousands of years ago, i would be some animal's lunch.

There is so much trance and how we enter the world.

In my eyes -- so much chance in how we enter the world.

In my eyes, we are all equal, but we do not have equal opportunities.

My kids work at trying to even up the score card.

He also has to say that in many ways.

If he were to say anything about being in the u.s., people would question him.

He has always been very pro-u.s. betty, that has been his philosophy forever.

Ever since he has been in the public eye.

If you look at his shareholder letters going back decades, comments he has made and that shareholders meetings, he has always had that attitude.

I think he sincerely believes it.

He is a very rational guy, mathematically and statistically based.

Everything he does an insurance is based on statistics.

When he is talking about the odds of being born in the u.s., those are the odds, he is not making that up.

That is the way he really is.

What about those who want to invest in buffett, and berkshire hathaway?

The millionaires in this country in tiger 21, they have now picked berkshire hathaway as their top holding, pushing down apple.

What does that tell you?

It maybe tells me -- i am a contrarian investor.

It maybe tells me that berkshire is too popular.

Anything that reaches the top list of somebody's want to buy list tells you it is in the stock.

Berkshire's real time was during the crisis.

Buffett has a balance sheet that nobody else had, the ability to make investments that nobody else made at that time.

That has been worn out.

The economy is shifting to a different place, the world is recovering, europe is recovering . i think you want to look elsewhere, outside of berkshire hathaway.

Although i do own -- you do own the stock.

In anticipation of a leadership change, would you -- do you believe investors are going to get out of this company, start selling holdings?

Anybody who has been nervous about it is long gone.

Those who are in it get the deal, they are comfortable with howard.

As buffett makes it clear, he has been very transparent, although he has not named a person.

I think we all know who the person is.

I wrote another book, "warren buffett's successor," i try to think through the process of identifying the guy.

His investors are comfortable.

Those who are still there -- you are holding onto your stock?


It gets me tickets to the annual meeting.

Thank you so much, jeff, hedge fund manager and author of "secrets in plain sight." we will be back.

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