Haass: Russia Won't Reemerge as a Superpower

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March 20 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Global Outlook,” Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, takes a look at the Ukraine crisis. He speaks with Matt Miller and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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This is "bottom line" on bloomberg television.

Keeping with this relatively depressing weather fame, today may be the first day of spring, but the winter cold isn't going away -- thethis relatively depressing weather theme, today may be the first day of spring, but the winter cold isn't going away.

Them expect below-normal -- expect below-normal temperatures from montana eastward.

That is according to noaa's annual spring outlook, outgrew your this morning.

They warn that all of this bad weather is causing -- out earlier this morning.

They warn that all of this bad weather is causing delays in planting.

In some places, frost reaching as far as downed -- as far down as five feet or six feet into the soil.

The message is, expect a delayed planting season in that region.

At this time, they say they see no real great concerns for crop production -- reduction.

Will businesses and farmers use that as an excuse, like they have been doing?

I'm going to guess yes.

Are we going to see continued drought here in the u.s.? that's the expectation right now.

We're looking at california, texas, the usual players right now.

They are warning that wildfires are going to be a risk in april, may, and june.

Definitely not what california needs.

Definitely not what the midwest needs, especially if they have to delay the corn planting.

It is 26 minutes past the hour.

That means bloomberg television is "on the markets." let's take a look at what is going on in stocks at this hour.

We had a rally, coming back from yesterday's the lines after -- yesterday's declines.

In terms of individual stocks we are watching, we are looking at sink you -- at zynga.

The ceo sees the turnaround as being halfway through.

Founder mark pincus step down from role -- the role last july.

We are watching walter energy, shares down sharply.

It is a metallurgical coal producer.

Bank of america says fundamentals for the commodity will be depressed over the next couple of years because of excessive supply and the use of substitute commodities.

We will have more "on the markets" in 30 minutes.

More "bottom line" next.

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