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Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Frost & Sullivan's Jonathan Robinson discusses the top technologies to watch with Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse." (Source: Bloomberg)

Jonathan, great to have you on the program.

You have a new survey which makes for a great reading as far as surveys go.

First of all, tell me how this survey came about.

We reached out to 135,000 executives to ask them what their top priorities were going forward for 2014. we used this to supplement our research firm.

To find out what are the hot issues?

What are the top trends and which ones surprised you the most?

Are ar there is a whole range of trends.

We cover the energy sector.

I think probably the one that surprised me the most was to see buildings feature.

We're very aware about them in the energy environment space but i didn't think our clients would have such an awareness of.

This is basically building smarter buildings, using technology to make them more efficient.


The energy efficiency driver has been there for quite a period of time.

With energy costs increasing, c.f.o.'s are looking at their costs going this is going up.

We need to do something about it.

Really we need to bring in the technologies that already exist and develop new business models.

When you touch on these smart buildings, you talk about automation control.

You don't want to be redoing your building.

You want to add things on top and make it more energy efficient?

Yes, another aspect as well is better building management.

You could bring an outside company in.

They would look at and evaluate your building and look at what you're spending on energy costs and they might say i can save you 20% off your costs and you give us 5% to 10% of that ultimately you're not spending anything at all if you're doing it right.

Revenues europe well in excess of $1 billion.

Do you do the survey, is it the first time that buildings are a big part of it?

Buildings have been in the survey before but not this high before.

It seems to have caught attention.

I think energy costs are key.

You basically break it down.

Smart buildings markets and building automation and control.

What exactly is building automation?

It is the, i suppose, the less sexy part of the market.

The more established market in an area that is worth in excess of $2 billion in europe.

It grows about 3% a year.

It is more the basic lighting temperature, control, that sort of stuff.

It is still of interest.

It is a growth area.

Talk to me about home energy management systems.

Having some kind of central computer or central system to take care of all of your new energy needs.

This is something that is going to grow over the decade.

Once we get smart metering onboard, that is going to be rolled out in europe now over the next five years.

You'll be able to much more control over your usage.

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