Gross Takes on Icahn Over Apple Buyback Demand

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s “Bloomberg Surveillance” anchor Tom Keene talks with Betty Liu about Pimco co-chief investment officer Bill Gross taking on billionaire investor Carl Icahn on Twitter over his call for Apple to increase share buybacks. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Washington, and it seems like everybody has opinions, including bill gross, who sent a message to carl icahn through twitter, saying it he is so smart, use it to help people, not yourself.

This is after they activist investor pushed apple for another share buyback.

Tom keene, you know bill gross very well.

Why would he attack carl icahn like this?

I did not speak to mr.

Gross about this, but the idea that he came out and spoke out is a big deal.

Everyone is talking the book.

Carl icahn says deploy the cash to me.

Maybe he sells the shares after he gets his cash deployment and the stock goes up.

Keep in mind, apple has gone up 35% off the doom and gloom of a couple of months ago.

Bill gross is looking -- how clean is this as an investor, and even though he is a bond guy, it is the time horizon.

The executives like andrew liveris and the autonation guy -- carl icahn thinks he is fighting for the everyman shareholder.

You believe that?

I am not saying i believe that, but he has put out this website, the shareholder growth table, and bill gross says not everyone wants an activist shareholder to be rattling the cage at every single company and we have seen so many activist shareholders come out and try to do that, right?

To a person, people applaud the need for activism.

Is a question of how much, and also how deficient is the management of the company.

Look at the apple chart long- term.

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