Grazer: We’ll Find a Way to Do More `Arrested’

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May 12 (Bloomberg) –- Imagine Entertainment Co-Chairman Brian Grazer discusses “Arrested Development,” Netflix and the TV landscape. He speaks with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

More episodes of " arrested" and i would like to do more work at netflix but the most eminent would be another season of "arrested development." what about other networks like hulu and amazon?

I am happy with them -- with netflix.

I know the people at those different platforms.

I do like netflix.

I like that they pretty much pioneered the space.

They are very artist sensitive people.

They seem to be making good choices.

"house of cards" is a brilliant show and they continue -- i think they have "aren't is the new black." and "arrested." they understand the thresholds involved between the platform or netflix itself and the network and content suppliers like producers like myself.

I do like working with them.

We will see what happens with the other ones.

There are so many that are trying to come to be.

They are all trying to get into content.

Is there enough content out there?

No, that to me is the controversial issue.

The talent pool has not actually expanded.

The talent pool that predominantly lives in the city of los angeles because that's ever leading export -- it does not really expand.

What is interesting is these platforms are expanding and the ones that are succeeding marginally are operating at very high multiples which is kind of interesting.

Ultimately, they will have to come back to just who actually writes and tells an action the stories.

That talent pool has not expanded by five times whereas the platforms -- why not?

Aren't there more talented rightists, artists, and producers?

There are more people that have talent, young people that have talent, then yesterday or a year before yesterday.

The only thing that is kind of interesting here is that it is an art form that is a little bit of trial and error.

The art of writing screenplays, movie screenplays or television scripts, half hour or an hour or shows the: hbo that don't have commercials -- there is -- that is an actual art form that is beyond just falling out of bed in coming up with an idea.

Or it's beyond writing a novel.

There are genius novelists that have tried to write script and has not really converted.

That is a trial and error in process art form that takes refinement.

It does not happen overnight and it does not necessarily transfer from being able to be a great journalist and having a 10 page or a 13 page piece in "the new yorker." it is a different art form.

What should we look forward to in the upcoming 2014 season on fox?

Good question -- it starts to really kill it on episodes four and five.

Five is amazing.

So i can skip episode 1, 2, and three?

No, you have to see the first episodes.

Presumably, the consumer has seen episode one and two and three is great and they get better but five it just explodes in the kind of -- into the kind of soap opera/thriller show that you experience at the height of 24. my relationship with it is i'm an executive producer but i am mostly just a fan.

It's howard gordon, that whole team, a whole group there -- they are really making the show and i am part of it and i love it.

When i can, i will turn it into a movie.


What made you do decide that fox was the right platform rather than the binge tv watching of netflix?

First of all, they own "wendy four." -- 24. they were actually loyal to us and we should be loyal to them.

The first two years of "24" got very low ratings and how can people care about a serialized show?

The way the chopped up narrative work and there's a split scene and eight ticking clock in those things became cool were not so cool the first year.

They were very, very cool with us.

Rupert murdoch himself was very cool to keep the show on the air.

We are now into our ninth year essentially.

I expecting it will be more years and kiefer and i are bonded together to make a movie out of it.

There is a lot of name

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