Government Shutdown Harder to End Than Start: Hunt

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Al Hunt reports on the looming U.S. government shutdown and if started, how long it may last. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And overall expert on washington, d.c. intrigue.

Might we be closer to avoiding the debt ceiling as a result of the shutdown?

I agree with john sununu that there are a lot of uncertainties out there and there could be a silver lining if it works its way through.

But it could make it even more likely -- you could come up with a half-baked compromise and then the big battle is the debt ceiling.

John boehner, a very smart politician, really thought the debt ceiling was a better venue for the fight.

I'm not sure why.

I don't think this by any means assures us that the debt ceiling is going to be handled more smoothly.

What are you hearing about how long the shutdown my.

? -- how long the shutdown might be?

It depends on the politics.

If it were left to ted crzeruzes and the tea party, it could go on for two or three years.

What to get started, it is hard to quickly and it.

For me, the one checkmate may be that you have this debt ceiling deadline and they bump into one another.

The president is supposed to go on an important foreign trip on saturday.

You mention something that is important -- you were joking about the parties and the government shutdown, but there is a sense that many members of congress -- and the senate, for that matter -- really want this.

How can i get any negotiation when there are people really rallying around this idea of a shutdown?

, it is much more difficult than it was in 1995, 1996. the republican caucus actively wants a government shutdown could that is what their constituents want, they believe.

The dynamics are far more difficult today than they were some 17 years ago.

I would agree with you.

This time it's different.

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