Gore: Apple Is a Joy to Be a Part of

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore sits down with Pimm Fox to discuss climate change, social media and the growth of Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

Assembled and disbursed to measure the economic effect of climate change.

We need to deal with it by putting a price on carbon in markets so that individuals and businesses can make intelligent market decisions and accelerate the shift towards renewable electricity and energy.

We need to put a price on denial in the political system so that we will not have the kind of catastrophic outcome that we got a taste of with denial over the debt ceiling crisis and the government shutdown crisis.

When the market started sending signals that this was not acceptable, the political games had to stop and then they finally got a deal last night.

Now mother nature is sending signals with these extreme climate related events saying this cannot go on.

We, the people, have to deliver that message within the political system and we need to make choices in our own lives but as important as it is to change day by bulbs, it's way more important to change the law so that we can put a price on carbon and avoid this catastrophe.

Putting a price on carbon requires changing people's minds.

You've been talking about the issue of climate change, the benefits of technology, for many years.

Used that are -- you studied with roger ravel.

Tell people how that lead you to where you are now.

Thank you for doing the research.

I had the good fortune of studying under one of the great men of science, roger raveevelle, the first person to measure carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

That long-term study is still going on and it is the bedrock of modern climate science.

Charles david keeling worked with roger to set up these measurements and what it shows is that we human beings are now putting 90 million tons of global warming pollution into the earth's atmosphere every 24 hours as if the atmosphere as -- is an open sewer.

There is no price on carbon so we ignore it and the cumulative concentration of global warming pollution from human activities now traps as much heat every day emma xtra heat, as what would be released by 400,000 hiroshima atomic bombs going off every 24 hours.

We live on a big planet but that's a lot of energy and that is what is causing the storms to be stronger and more destructive, the droughts to be deeper, tropical diseases moving northward, crop failure, the melting of the ice and sea level rises, and all of the other consequences that a scientist have been trying to warn us about.

Every national academy of science on the planet, every professional scientific society, yet there are still political games being played.

Some of the largest carbon polluters are doing what the tobacco industry did years ago trying to hide the science.

There are a lot of people that say, yes, the scientific evidence is there and those people are with you on this.

This is all about human beings making decisions.

How do you get them on the same side or do you just go your way and don't worry about whether they follow you are not?

I heard sam say the other day quoting his preacher that if someone offers bold leadership and nobody follows you, you are just taking a walk.

You really have to do your best to try to get the fact out there.

That's why am on your show -- thank you again, and why we're doing this 24 hour global telecast, the climate reality project the 22nd in the 23rd, next tuesday and wednesday and we are originating from los angeles and that is why i'm training thousands of people all over the world to go out in their communities and communicate with their networks about it and that's why a lot of other organizations are also participating in this.

Our democracy has been hacked.

It's not working very well.

Big money directs the outcome and at this point, the carbon polluters are putting billions of dollars into trying to fool people.

You say the government has been hacked.

Do you think of the internet, smart phone technology, and there is an op-ed piece in "the new york times that says the most dangerous time is an extremist with a smart phone.

Talk about social networking and companies like twitter, if you can.

I know you took a look at twitter before even people had even heard the name of the company.

What are you think about the concept and tell us a little bit about your interaction.

Every new technology brings with it the power for good and evil.

And you're quite right that some extremists have used these new technologies.

When you step back and look at what others are doing for good, there are are more socially act to people with volunteerism, organizing.

Television replays to the printing press.

You wrote a thesis about that -- television replaced the printing press.

In place of these low entry barriers where people could join the conversation in the print medium, all of a sudden there were gatekeepers that charged big, heavy tolls to get access to the public's mind over television and that limited access to special interests and people with tons of money.

By the way, that is exactly why politicians in both parties now feel compelled to spend most of their time begging rich people and special interests for campaign contributions so they can pile up a war chest to buy up the tv ads.

I was reading that you met at one point with the guys who ran twitter, just as an example.

You don't have to go campaigning anymore for funds because you are not running for public office and you have the money to make these kind of things happen.

Is that the kind of business you would love to own?


You are right that my partner, joel, and i back when we were with current tv tried to buy twitter.

They built that business into a fantastic success.

I'm very bullish on twitter.

It has become a global utility.

It's a great business.

By the way, the climate reality project encourages people in lots of different ways to use twitter, facebook, e-mail thomas text messages.

@climatereality is the handle.

In the 24-hour broadcast we will be using twitter to invite the audience to participate in this event to use twitter and other media to make their voices heard because the special interests can be defeated and the public interest can be lifted up if enough of us as individuals who care about our children, your daughter lila.

You think about the future by seeing it through her eyes.

I see it through the eyes of my kids and my grandchildren.

The other thing your kids and grandkids will have to live with is a lot more technology in their lives.

You are on the board of apple.

Carl icahn, investor, had dinner with tim cook -- no comments.

Tell us what it's like to be a part of a company that is creating something that 10 or 15 years ago people would have thought you were crazy if they had been talking about this.

I will tell you what.

Apple is just a joy to be a part of.

My fellow board members i just fantastic.

I love serving with them.

Tim cook is a fantastic ceo.

Can you imagine trying to follow steve jobs?

He's done it and he did it in his own unique way.

He, there is yet another announcement from apple and i

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