GOP Will Eventually Need to Get Behind ACA: Plouffe

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Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Plouffe talks with Tom Keene about how the Affordable Care Act can move forward in 2014 and the ways the political climate has changed around the law. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

And there are these deep in tropical -- intractable divisions.

What does the president need to do to bring america together to get some solution next year?

The important thing is time.

Even four months from now you have -- you will have million signed up and some of these wrinkles hopefully fix.

Even with all the problems -- the only people who want to repeal obamacare are the core of the tea party.

Where most americans are our, implemented and fix it.

You look at all the problems with the federal exchange.

The goal is to have the states run the exchanges.

And the places where the states are running the exchanges, people are running pretty well.

People agree there is an immense complexity here.

How do we get to a simple solution where democrats can get behind the president?

Most democrats -- you have to remember, about 30 voted against the affordable care act in 2010 in the house.

That was the vote then.

I would suggest things have changed tidbit in the polls.

I think were most democrats, in terms of the voters and most elected officials are where americans are.

It is a big law.

When you are implementing a big law you will find things that are not working, and you have to fix it.

The american people do not want to go through another fight about the health care law.

What they want to do is implement it and fix it.

That is the key thing.

Whatever you and i talk about on the stage -- what matters is reality, either it will work or will not.

My suspicion is by march of next year, you will see an roman being quite impressive.

I that point, the republican party -- a message that says our whole platform is the key -- kick people off of health care, it will not work.

Republicans and democrats had a chapter in an economic textbook, a way in the back, about insurance and it is all about incentives.

What is a constructive incentive to make young, healthy kids take part in obamacare.

Although we do have an example in massachusetts where eventually it took a couple of years to get the uninsurance rate among young people under 10%. it will take some time.

Time is your solution.

And social engagement.

What will happen is a young person will talk to defend -- friend, sibling, and cousin.

Saying, i have done this, it is a pretty good deal.

The website -- once people find out it is easy to use and my friend did it and it is easy and painless, it'll take time.

That is the biggest challenge.

Even if the website had gone purposely -- perfectly, the biggest challenge is to be young people to sign up.

It will not happen overnight.

It will take time.

David plouffe to get us started.

One of our themes here.

The year and ahead 2014 in chicago.


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