Go After the Oligarchs, Stop Putin: Kasparov

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March 7 (Bloomberg) –- Human Rights Foundation Chairman Garry Kasparov discusses Vladimir Putin’s power trip and the ways he can be stopped. He speaks to Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Garry kasparov joins me now.

Pretty powerful words.

You think if you go after the folks with money in russia you will be able to effect change?

It's the best chance.

We have to look for the best available option.

We have to agree that pretending that crimea is a small issue and irrelevant and we can ignore it, same way as chechen slovakia ignored -- chechen slovakia ignored -- czechoslovakia ignored [inaudible] would be a mistake.

Not in china, not venezuela, but in europe and the u.s., go after them.

There is a very good chance that mr.

Putin will see a powerful message, not from washington or brussels but from his own kind.

He respects to them, he listens them -- respects them, listens to them.

The message could be very loud.

It could be very loud for mr.


They're not going to sit quietly as their fortunes -- we're talking billionaires, enormous amounts of money.

If this money is in danger, let them try to save this money.

The reason they are always behind putin and he looks invincible in russia because he always won.

We talked about poker.

Putin had a pair of 10 and almost bluffed.

He has lucky stars, like adolf hitler, many people believe.

He looks invincible but he is not.

How would you grade the u.s.'s response to what is going on?

So far maybe b. it's not enough.

Obama already blinked on the red line in syria.

By doing so, he ruined the credibility of the office of the u.s. president.

It's not enough to pose a credible threat, to say i'm signing an executive order for sanctions.

He must act.

We have to see as soon as possible the least of these names and the big names.

Are we threatening to putin?


Dictators' books and vision are different from ours.

He has animal instincts of survival and he can anticipate his moves based on potential threats.

The nature of the dictatorship is pushing him towards major foreign-policy actions, in this case annexation of crimea.

He needs to demonstrate to his subjects, the people of russia that he is in the office not just for his own good but for the good of the country.

The economy is sluggish.

It is going down.

This is a building up, the return of russian greatness.


That is his purpose for staying in power for the rest of his life.

Would he stop that crimea?

-- at crimea?


if you want to keep people under this drug you have to increase the dose.

He goes to eastern ukraine.

[indiscernible] russia does not recognize the legitimate government of ukraine or ukrainian borders.

God knows where he can stop.

He will have no choice but to throw more and more propaganda

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