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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Full episode of “Bloomberg West.” Guests include University of Washington’s Joshua Smith, Freewheel’s Doug Knopper, Egos Ventures’ Bruno Francois and Bloomberg’s Ari Levy and Leslie Picker. (Source: Bloomberg)

You are watching bloomberg "wetst" where we focus on technology in the future of business.

Nokia going to launch a new android phone before the deal to sell to microsoft closes.

People familiar with the matter say they will offer low end phones where windows phones are often too expensive.

The official announcement will come in spain later this month.

Prince showing signs of improvement after the nation's third nations -- sprint showing signs of improvement.

The loss narrowed to just over one billion dollars.

Sprint lost 69,000 monthly subscribers in the quarter.

Charter communications upping the stakes in the takeover fight with time warner cable, nominating a full slate of 13 candidates to the board.

All 13 board members are up for election in the spring, giving the opportunity to take over completely.

The ceo says his company will not be pressured into accepting what he calls the lowball offer.

The income inequality debate has moved north.

We are seeing reports on twitter showing protests around shuttle buses and ohio transporting microsoft workers.

We have been covering what is going on with tectonic -- with the technology buses in san francisco.

Of all the places income inequality exist, not walmart workers that have to go on welfare to get that but the technology companies.

Interesting listening to an angel investor talk about this.

He said two or three years ago the goal was to combat unemployment and they have brought the rate down by bringing more technology companies and keeping technology companies in the city.

Yet it has had the consequences where housing prices have gone up.

Transportation issues have arisen.

You have technology buses going down and people not taking public transportation.

He made a call to action for all of these companies to do more, assume a greater responsibility -- assume a greater responsibility.

It is important for all of us to realize you do not have to be mark benioff or jack dorsey to get back to the community.

If you do not have a high net worth, you can start by volunteering service hours.

Actions speak louder than words.

We need to start acting now.

A goal of 1000 companies giving one percent of their time, profits, and equities to philanthropy.

I thought what is really interesting was fighting a company that was a start up not too long ago.

Suggesting that that be part of the way that technology companies in this area think of themselves.

A good thing.

Something we will continue to follow.

Right now talking about google and com score teaming up to measure the success of digital campaigns.

Amazon expanding the advertising business.

Working with freewheel to work with media companies like abc, nbc universal to put relevant ads in front of customers.

I want to bring in the co-ceo with us in the studio.

Tell us how the relationship is -- tell us what that means.

We're working with amazon and a nice and close relationship.

They have announced plans to build a video advertising network.

The goal for that is for them to get closer to the customer.

They would help the customer figure out what it is they want to buy.

The wild -- the advertising business is wildly understood.

The numbers are right.

Probably it would be the third largest is a jewish -- in tehhe u.s. amazon is trying to use video and video advertising to get closer to the customers.

How does your technology work?

What makes you special?

What we are is essentially a technology platform for all of the big television companies.

The television companies and cable operators.

Managing content for further company goes.

We manage all of the infrastructure and the office behind it.

When will we see this relationship at work?

We are already seeing it now.

Amazon has short term video.

You can see what we do.

Is there one particular place where we can see these appear?

Wherever amazon is serving video.

Their video on demand flat -- platforms.

We see in so many places video seems to be a much stronger thing.

I wonder, when it comes to advertising, what works more effectively?

The thing about advertisements is it shows you up face to buy.

Do you need to do that and video?

No, you do not.

You have to think about what happens in the online eddiejust like television.

Tv is tv.

You do not see it to buy here.

You may or may not taken action.

Brand advertising is what we're focused on behalf of all of our customers.

Exactly what they are trying to do.

We are replicating that in the digital television world.

We will watch that in your relationship with amazon and how it develops.


You for joining us today.

Well, new york fashion week.

Could 3-d be the answer to future -- future fashion?

We will talk more about that coming up.

Welcome back.

I am emily chang with cory johnson.

Of all the different directions of high-tech, perhaps no technology is receiving more than 3-d printing.

The technology has found its way through everything from rap would -- rapid coder typing to music or the o's and now fashion.

Will i be able to buy printed dress anytime soon?

Depends how much money you have.

This thing captures everything.

Skin type for the burlesque performer.

Check this out.

High-fashion has gone high-tech.

Behind-the-scenes technology is changing the fabric of fashion from sketches to virtual designs from sewing machines to 3-d printing.

I was looking to really make the technology of printing eccentrics as i could so i went to the queen of burlesque.

Michael schmidt took the fashion world by storm with the world's first fully articulated 3-d printed dress.

Made from 17 printed pieces with 3000 articulated joints and 3000 crystals, the speak -- piece was designed using every innovative technology at every stage.

We created a virtual image of her body and we worked over skype to create the code.

A prince about the part.

>-- they printed outthe the part.

It is a fascinating application of the technology, but is that a passing -- passing fancy or the future of fashion?

Lik this dreck -- dressed to thousands of hours to make and cost well over $100,000. this dress may well prove that a future of printing is as imaginary as the fantasy that is jeter bounties -- ditta von tese.

It allows you to create forms you could not create any other way.

Export now this remains an experiment in the realm of high-fashion.

This is a flight of fantasy.

Quite i know that is high-fashion that i am not sure that is my style.

Can it make normal looking dresses, to?

It was a piece of art.

I think that was part of the idea.

Pre-k's can they do think that are more accessible to average consumers yangon?

There were practically no earnings.

Fax the stocks have taken a big head just in the past few days.

Because they have gone up so much over the past year.

Yesterday on pimm fox show we had one of the biggest printing companies and talk about the size of business.

The move in the stock has been incredible.

Since it went public it has been up into the right.

This company has paltry revenues.

Over $500 million market cap today.

The revenues are like $11 million for the first nine quarters.

A small company.

How many printers has the company sold?

I put the question to the chief financial officer.

I asked him a simple question.

Listen carefully to his answer.

The last quarter we disclosed by the end of 2013 we sold 55 printers.

We will give our numbers for the full year by the end of the mark should quarter with guidance.

55 in the quarter?

55. we were founded in 1999 and by the end of 2003 we have sold 55 printers.

Installed base of 55. the number is three.

He wanted to say 55. since 1999 they have only sold three.

He gave me the 55 number.

I said where these sales where a customer like the product and pay cash to get the thing or how much of it was giving loans?

Listen to when i asked him that?

The last quarter we disclosed by the end of 2000 13 we sold 55 printers.

We disclosed financing and not three.

The other three were paid in cash.

I appreciate that.

There are no quarterly numbers available.

The court three numbers are available.

I mean prior to that.

Out of the 55 printers be sold on the global basis so far, three were financed.

He was referencing the report online, which is an interesting read freed about the company.

I went back and looked at the exact inverse of how many printers they sold.

The answer is zero.

Check out the terms of the three sales that they made.

So one was alone?

The other two were 73% cash.

The rest was research services to be delivered.

The company was going to receive some sort of vague research service that they did not explain.

, judah printers cost?

About 341,000 u.s. dollars.

Again, this is not a great big business.

Who are the main customers?

What kind of customers?

Their cost of capital is going to be higher than it was for volkswagen or ford.

But they have to loan the money to make purchases, it says this is a fairly high -- very highly specialized business.

Printing $100,000 dresses.

I know you will keep us honest on this sector.

Thank you for giving me the detail.

Panoramic photographs can be beautiful but a lot of work to get right.

? welcome back.

I am emily chang.

These days it is all about the selfie.

Panoramic has figured out how to take smartphone photography to another level.

It allows the phone to spin around in a circle and allowed to take a panoramic x or on its own.

Shark tank debuted this in that shot way up.

The ceo of the company that launched it is with us here in the studio.

Any thoughts how this -- give us an idea of how this works.

It still counts as a selfie.

We have another one that does the same thing.

You press start.

We will do the 180. how does a turn like this?

It uses the vibrator inside the fountain of the right frequency.

It takes individual shots.

A high-quality image from the camera on the back.

We do like 40 megapixels, which is really high.

How long have you been working on the technology?

It has been a year.

The hands-free is just release for 5s now.

Iphone 4 we have a video converter.


Is this done now... can you show us?

There you go.

That is wild.

Iprogramming the vibration am a what is the science behind that?

A long time ago i saw that my nokia phone was moving and i wanted to do and after that was unique.

I said let's do something that was not meant for that purpose.

I did some tests.

I could change the five ration from different surfaces.

As soon as i was able to do a 360, i said let's do a panoramic.

Mark cuban invested in your company after an appearance on shark tank.

Right now we just launched another app.

It is more of a selfie you scan your face and does 3d. let me ask you what the business is.

How has it they're working with app store and getting it approved?

I was afraid it was not going to be approved to tell you the truth.

We submitted the day before christmas.

I was not sure.

We got rejected at first and had to do a video to prove it.

The guy said, it is magic.

I did a video.

I think we have like five or 600,000 views in a few day.

That is really what launched the app.

Can i ask you what is going on on the back of your found?

Just a signature.

That is 50 cent.

That is permanent?

Do you have another phone?

We can sign it.

All right.

I/o is have the latest want to do the test.

Deked technology is fascinating.

Excited to see what you do with it.

Thank you for joining us.

Time for the bwest bite.

I have 50. a great story by the team of bloomberg news on the google deal machine.

Check it out online.

This team has increased 500 50%. amazing how many deals google is involved in.

-- has increased by 50%. anything and everything from google these days.

They are different people.

Rex curtis jackson does not work for google.

Did you find that?

When he gets a third phone, he says we can sign it.

We can sign your ipads.

You can sign my laptop.

Likes of ted.

Thank you.

Thank you all for watching.

Thank you for showing us that tech allergy.

We will see you back here later today for the late edition of the show.


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