Germany Energy Policy Plays Into Election Debate

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Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg New Energy Finance clean energy policy analyst Anna Czajkowska reports on the possible changes to German energy policy following election in the nation later this month. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Here and what the different parties are saying about renewable energy programs.

We are in the midst of a big transition.

We are indeed.

Germany just decided to phase out nuclear power and replace it with renewable energy capacity.

What that means is that they will put subsidies in place to incentivize investors to put money behind the new sector.

Over two years, this cost escalated.

The costs are paid by the consumers.

It is estimated that this year, consumers will pay something around 20 billion euros just for support for the renewal those.

Is very concerned that this will make germany uncompetitive?

There is a concern of course.

You have to keep in mind that the big industries are exempt from paying these costs.

This is primarily on the consumers.

That means german voters.

Unsurprisingly, fdp and spd have strong energy programs in their agenda.

They are radically different.

Depending on the outcome of the elections, we will either see a strong push towards integration of renewables, cutting subsidies and making them more competitive, or if the grand coalition results from the election, we will say maintenance of support for the rental of those.

Also making sure the consumers are believed to some extent.

Anna, thank you very much indeed.

And a us from bloomberg's clean energy.

The first word is coming up next.

For our viewers, the second hour of "the pulse" is coming up.

I will be joined by anna edwards from new york.

Let's talk about the fed.

Wendy of news from the fed over the past when the four hours.

We get the take from eric nielsen of unicredit.

He said that he thought the qe would be done by the middle of 2014. u.k. retail numbers surprising some people as well.

You will be talking to the aviation supply business.

We also pick up on the microsoft meeting between the company and analysts.

That could bring us some news flow as well.

20 to come in the second hour of "the pulse."

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