Angela Merkel Weighs Visit to Kiev Amid Ukraine Crisis

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel may discuss the Ukraine conflict and relations with Russia with Ukrainian leaders the German government said in an e-mailed statement. Hans Nichols reports on “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Germans are trying to advance talks trade urkel is considering a visit to kiev,. ukrainian authorities are accusing the rebels of firing on a convoy of refugees.

Yesterday after those talks ended without much progress in berlin that, there was a briefing.

They spoke about the need for a cease-fire.

We ran that need by the ukrainian foreign minister.

He wanted to see russia stop their incursions and stop the cross-border flow of money.

He also did say at least for some little bit of hope.

He talked about moderate progress.

It has been reached on a number of issues.

I would wish we could have reached considerable progress on critical issues like closing down the border, like control of the border.

Every day we have continuous inflow of mercenaries and money and heavy weaponry across the border.

There is one meter report that has merkel visiting on saturday.

They won't deny it.

It they say she is considering it and she is been in touch with the ukrainian president.

He trusts his russian counterpart.

What is the prospect for another round of talks?

They need further guidance from their heads of state.

They will see if there is any area or space that continues the poetic negotiations.

The germans are trying to ansys along and trying to add some sort of positive spin on this.

This may be hard to do given the situation on the ground.

Thank you.

Hans nichols reporting from berlin.

That is after the shipping giant raised to your profit forecast and announced share buyback.

Caroline hyde, what is driving growth?

It is a diverse company.

It has an oil company.

We want to get a bellwether for the sense of trade.

This has the biggest containership liner in the world.

15% of all world containers are transported by them.

They sound pretty buoyant.

Talk about geopolitical risk and sanctions from russia and those concerns.

They did come out earlier this month saying we are against

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