Fueling the Future With Natural Gas

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Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- American Gas Association President and CEO Dave McCurdy discusses the future of natural gas as a transportation fuel. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

The confidence level then versus now?

2006 was a little exuberant, of course.

It is not at that stage at all.

Comparing it to 2010, a little bit felt like things were coming back.

So much caution, so much concerned about adding any kind of cost.

What we are seeing is, there is still a notion of more with less, ceos are saying my demand is building, my backlog is looking better, i have got to start thinking more about my workforce than i did before.

Which was i do not want anymore, i am nervous, it is subsiding.

Still some forces on the horizon.

One of your themes for 2014 is simplification, the new holy grail for companies.

Have we turned the corner from relying on automation to actually hiring?

What is going to happen, when we talk about implication, between regulations, dodd frank,, located businesses, we have created so much process in organizations it has created a malaise of getting things done.

We see simplification reverting back to the individual with more responsibility, that will unleash hiring.

Erik and i will see you in davos.

Do you go to switzerland knowing the american economy is a job creator for the global system?

I am on the panel for unemployment, hopefully i will see you there.

You have got this multiple speed, europe is in trouble, asia is not growing as much.

U.s. is going to start seeing some growth, hopefully that will spur the world.

Jeffrey joerres with manpower, we'd love to have jeffrey joerres on jobs day.

Betty liu with, el-erian, bill gross will join us.

Jeffrey joerres actually creating jobs.

Time for the agenda.

The stories shaping the week.

The idea after the jobs data and moving forward to the weekend.

The number one thing i went to see, what do we just know?

-- what do wages do?

I just want to know are we getting this -- we do not see wage growth picked up.

The refrain of income inequality is only going to become louder.

That will be the theme, absolutely.

John edwards with his two america's. is it two americans you have to struggle with?

3 or 4? it is one america in terms of how things are progressing in the economy.

Let's say focused on one society that we know now is flat.

You know, let's not try and break it up and confuse things.

That is a great nuance between the imagery and pr of one america versus the president's challenge on inequality, worrying about constituency against the backdrop of optimism.

Heading into the jobs report with optimism, s&p futures on a

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