From Music Engineer to Performing With Alicia Keys

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March 11 (Bloomberg) -- Musician Hanan Rubinstein discusses how he went from being a music engineer to performing with Alicia Keys. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


How non-rubenstein joins me from new york.

You have been all over the world.

What really doing in japan?

I was playing with another musician.

You did not start off being a musician, did you?

I was born in israel.

What i do now seems quite far-fetched.

What was your original path in life?

You were going to be an engineer.

The rest of my family is all computer engineers and program -- remembers.

-- programmers.

You are the outlier.

I am the black sheep.

Tell us about some of the artists you play with.

It was not glamorous at first.

I was cleaning bathrooms at the beginning.

Slowly but surely, one thing led to another and now i am here.

Did you get the feeling that guitar was for you?

I find that i have to wear a lot of hats.

I do a lot of engineering and production.

I play quite a few instruments.

Ultimately these things will lead to the next thing.

I tried to look at both sides of the glass in the studio.

What do you prefer?

Being in the studio or being in front of a live audience?

I like to see people.

I like the connection.

Any particular artist?

Who are some of your idols that you never thought you would get to play with?

Carole king was one, bonnie raitt.

For ralph, who i love.

-- pharrell, who i love.

It was a privilege to play with alicia keys.

What about a solo career?

It is on the list.

I have done it before.

I tried to release my own music.

I try to keep up with it.

If you do not write, you do not exist.

I try to live by that.

In your travels around the world, how often are you on the road?


If we have a to work and i am booked solid, i will be gone every other month.

What about practicing?

Are you constantly practicing?

You have to.

There are lot of the -- great guitar players.

It is competitive.

It depends what you compare it to.

You feel like you are running your career as a business?

Quite sure.

You have to.

Otherwise you get lost.

Do you have a favorite song or artist that you would like to play with in the future?

I am working with an artist.

He is a tremendous songwriter and a tremendous singer.

He is an out-of-control guitar player.

He is 13 years old.

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