From Horror Films to Re-Inventing U.S. Education

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Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “Reganomix,” Hollywood Director and “I Got Schooled” Author M. Night Shyamalan discusses why he’s promoting a new education system. He speaks with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You know m night shyamalan is the man behind successful films like the six cents, signs, and of the village.

He is now a published author.

His new book covers america's education gap and offers a plan to fix it.

Welcome to go "street smart." thank you for having me.

I understand you are inspired to write this book while scatting -- a scouting for locations for the happening.

What do you think of philadelphia and education and the idea to write a book?

It kind of came organically.

It was not intended to write a book.

I am kind of a selfish guy.

I just make movies.

I am not into all causes.

My wife is.

She is the good one.

I wanted to do something for filling.

I wanted to learn what the education problems were in philly.

I was asking questions but not getting clear answers.

I spent 4.5 years trying to start this book.

You are looking for schools and salt private schools and public schools.

They were both public schools but one was incredibly beautiful and welcoming.

The kids were rushing into the hallways when they saw me.

They would say, are you shooting a movie?

Can i dine your movie?

And then everybody came out.

At a public school.

I got in a location scout van and the school was the exact opposite.

It was dark.

It was like stereotypically lit dark.

There were metal detectors.

There were bars on classroom doors.

They had to unlock it.

Was one a charter school?


just to public schools in fairly similar social economic communities?

One was a magnet school but they were both public schools.

What was interesting is going, what is the difference here?

That is what the foreign and a half years of writing the book was.

One-to-one program is doing versus another.

Was there a chance or were they -- or was this how each city was?

A principal can have that much of an influence on a given school.

4.5 years to write the book.

Highlights for the viewers the differences and what needs to happen to make all schools look more like the one school that was so moving for you.

One thing i want to say, i hope there is no opinion for me.

This is not my plan or anything like that.

I know nothing about education.

This is me researching what everyone else had done over the past 25 years and is saying, does everyone know with clarity what the research says?

If i asked you, do you know if it is bad to smoke?

You know this because of the research.


Not opinion.


What did your research tell you?

It took a while to figure out that it is a set of things done together.

If you do them separately, you will get a lot of false negatives.

That is where the confusion comes in.

Teachers matter.

Teachers are huge.

All the things we find are related to making teachers mark effective.

You say you have to get rid of the -- making teachers more effective.

You say you have to get rid of teachers.

Lets me talk about those things.

The principal's who are spending 80% of their time teaching teachers are the ones that can close the gap.

That seems obvious.

You have to coach the players, right?

Getting rid of the lowest performing teachers is one of the five that you find in the research, that everyone focuses in on that as the main thing.

By the way.

Teachers unions are very ready to do that.

They stand up for their teachers.

What i found in the research doesn't go against what that teachers stand for.

It is not teachers on one side and reform on another.

If you look at it calmly, the research supports a lot of what a say.

It is just being clear.

There has to be feedback as well.

Principals and teachers both need feedback.

Who gives them this feedback?

Schools collect a lot of data.

And then the teachers have to be not only given that data, but taught how to use that data.

It needs to be done in a high frequency.

It cannot just be, at the end of the year, he did this.

It is about improving your customization for each child.

Smaller schools, smaller classes.

That seems with a bit obvious.

That is not one of them.

It is not supported by the day cap.

You would think one on one.

Maybe it depends on the teacher.

A small class of the horrible teacher might not really benefit kids.

At me clarify.

The data on classroom sizes a little confusing.

There is a positive.

If you were comparing to the health model, it would be the equivalent of having a pet.

It is proven to extend your life, but it is not one of those things you do to be healthy.

More of a coincidence indicator.

It has slight improvement but it cost so much to do and has some new ramifications to do it, it is not part of the triage plans.

And the schools do not do that.

You get a great teacher, throw them at 35 kids.

That is fascinating.

It is really about people.

Everything ultimately.

Last bullet point.

Keep children in class walker -- longer.

In other words, give them more education longer.

If you have to pick one thing, this is the thing you would do.

In schools that are inner-city low income schools, the kids who graduate in june, is pretend he is at the same place as his white suburban counterparts.

When they return in september, the inner-city kid lost three years of -- three months of learning and the white suburban kid has gained one month.

They are four months a part.

The same kids who are equal are four months apart.

It accounts for two thirds of the entire education gap.

It is amazing.

It is clear that we have so much to do.

Before we let you go, tell us about your latest project on the movie front.

I am making a little horror movie in february.

I cannot tell you anything about it, though.

Come on.

We were talking a half phenomenal this genre has done.

You can really balance of drama and comedy against it.

It is very beautiful area any stars you can tell us about?

I cannot tell you.

Maybe it is at the end of the education book if you read it.

Let's make a deal.

You come back on in february and will talk about the horror movie.

All right.

Congrats to you on the book.

Coming up.

Coming up, relationships in real estate.

They come together in a new app.

First, the global music revelation -- revolution will be televised on mtv.

Around the world in today's global use, making a difference on rebel music.

We will talk about it next on "street smart." ?

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