Former CNN, NBC Chiefs Launch Video Channel 'Tapp'

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March 11 (Bloomberg) -- Former television executives Jeff Gaspin and Jon Klein are starting an online video service with backing from Discovery and Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. Gaspin and Klein speak on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This was what she wanted to do?

We had been talking about this for about one year or so.

If you look around you see that the television industry is rapidly exploding.

It is changing so fundamentally so quickly, we just wanted to be a part of that.

We have been parts of previous disruptions in the industry, with online video, with a reality television, this felt right the right moment and the right plan.

Explain how this is going to work.

A sickly channels for individual personalities.

Whole bunch of different areas.

Reising is on a monthly basis.

Something around $9.95 per month?

We are starting with a monthly subscription.

If you purchase a whole year, you will get a discount.

That is for each channel.

Not a bundle of channels.

We hope to launch dozens of channels over the next several years.

They are going to be personality based with people who have super fans.

So, viewers and users who cannot get enough of these particular personalities to the point where they want a more intimate relationship with these personalities than current tv and online offerings afford.

We hope to bring that capability with these channels.

Let's talk about the potential personalities that could team up with you.

There was a report that you were talking to sarah palin.

Any truth?

We are not talking about specific talent, but i will tell you that sarah palin is the kind of personality who has a massive social media presence, 4 million facebook followers or something like that, and a core group of followers and supporters who hang on there ever -- on her every word.

That is exactly the characteristic that these channels are looking for.

We are looking for personalities who have that kind of connection with their fans.

We are creating micro-channels for these fans that will make your dreams come true.

Everyone has someone that they would pay $10 per month to get more of.

Because traditional television cannot put on that many channels.

We can.

You must have a passionate fan base for this to work.

This is not just you guys focusing on 3, 5, or six people.

You want a really big list of people you will be working with.


There really is an infinite amount of possibilities.

As long as you have a fan base that can support the expense of putting these channels together.

You have to believe that you can gather about 25,000 or more subscribers paying around $10 per month for this to make financial success.

That is the model now, at least.

It could change over time.

We think that this is going to be one of the basic platforms for anyone with any kind of fan following.

Just like youtube has become that, we think that everyone is going to have a tapp channel as we move forward.

Any possible names you want to mention today?

We really are just announcing the company today.

We don't want to focus on any particular talent.

But we do have a good roster in the works.

Right now we are in the middle over her sing the first channel that will roll out in the next several weeks and we are very excited about it.

Let's talk about the personalities who are behind this effort.

Discovery communications is one of your investors.

Eric schmidt is one of your investors.

How did this group come together?

My big question is -- does discovery have more involvement than just being an investor?

Does google, eric schmidt, do they have investment behind the scenes?

Discovery is on board.

We have relationships with the people there.

The other investors that you mentioned are not on our board, but they are great people to have and they are all eager to be participating in the next wave of disruption in the media business.

The one thing that we found is that every time we talked to investors they all had individuals that they suggested.

Go talk to this one, go talk to this one.

We would pay a subscription fee for this personality.

We found that our investors were very passionate around the idea and had personalities they thought would make for great channels.

Traditionally television is so tied to advertising.

This is a business focused on subscription.

What does that mean in terms of the future of television, which is still holding the upfront several year, catering to advertisers?

-- up fronts every year, catering to advertisers?

We think that there is room for both, although our for -- our focus at the beginning is almost exclusively prescription.

Just as radio lives alongside television, we see these subscription-based micro-channels like this living alongside traditional channels.

These channels are really a complement to the current offering out there.

They are very specific and they really target a super fan.

This is not like netflix, where you pay a subscription and get a plethora of content.

These are not general interest networks.

These are very specific for very specific fan interests.

Because we are living in an age of specificity.

You go online to look for the shirt that you want rather than wandering around macy's all day.

Super fans will be waiting.

Jeff, john, thank you for

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