Ford Names Mark Fields CEO, Mulally Sets Retirement

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May 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller reports that Ford Motor Company has announced that Mark Fields will succeed Alan Mulally as CEO upon his retirement as of July 1 on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Ford motors named mark fields successor to alan mulally.

What do we know about them?

We know a lot about mark fields.

Loberg news reported a couple of weeks ago that this was going to happen on this day.

We have known this was coming for a few weeks.

We have known this transition was coming really for a couple of years already.

It was at least two years ago alan mulally started saying he was going to retire near the end of 2014. he did not say this, but everybody sort of knew that mark fields was going to be the new ceo.

It was so widely known, such a badly kept secret that people would joke about it while introducing mark fields as a speaker at dinner, he would come up and not really deny it.

It was clear this was going to happen.

It was accelerated a little bit.

A lot of people suspect because of alan mulally's dalliance with microsoft but the press release said he just bought the company was prepared and was ready to do it now and why put off any longer, so he brought it forward.

It should be no mark fields -- should be known what fields i has already been running the business plan reviews for at least a year, so he has really been running the day-to-day operations in that sense for a while now.

Even before that, he was not only coo but previous to that he was running the americas and helped alan mulally engineer the turnaround at least in this country from record losses, so he really has a great resume.

Alan mulally is not going to retire july 1. there was so much speculation he might go to microsoft but he repeatedly denied that.

Any sense of where he might go?

For a long time, he did not deny it, but he just really not answer and the non-denial may have led people to be uncomfortable and may have taken some of the focus off of what ford as a company was going to put it more on what alan mulally as a personality was doing.

I think that was an issue for bill ford, chairman of the company.

The question now is what will alan mulally do.

Of course, he is one of the greatest ceo's the country has seen in a long time.

People talk about him as a turnaround king, really engineering this amazing turnaround while the other car companies went bust.

Ford came through and became a very strong and competitive carmaker.

Is he going to become chairman of another big company?

Is what the spec -- speculation is.

One thing for sure, he is not going to be laying tennis and golf.

He is not retiring shot -- retiring type, and he is in great shape for his age.

And i just point out -- we will be talking to bill ford at 11:00 and then to alan mulally shortly after that, so a couple of great interviews.

Looking forward to that.

You will be on "market makers." be sure to tune into that.

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