Forbes: Reagan-Like Republicans Will Reemerge

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October 14 (Bloomberg) -- Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Steve Forbes speaks with Bloomberg’s Tom Keene on business and politics.

Republicans are in chaos.

The grand old party finds disarray in the traditional relationship with big business.

I was beaten into me to read forbes magazine as a child.

It was not representative of corporations and big as ms.. that relationship at risk?

Republican see themselves today as more with people starting small is mrs.. there is a very real weariness in the party of what they call crony capitalism.

When you save business to have all different shades of this mrs.. republicans see themselves on the side of the entre turnover -- entrepreneur.

Where is ronald reagan?

He came out of death valley to save the day.

Where is ronald reagan?

We will see figures emerge in 2014. chris christie.

Jeb bush.

Bush did real things when he was governor.

You will see a lot of governors emerge, as well as senators.

They will have to have positive proposals on tax reform and health care.

Not just attacking obama care.

The president will be gone after two -- after two terms.

You still have to bring in social issues republicans.

How do you do that?

You have a positive agenda.

The libertarian thought is the only way you will get people to do things is to persuade them.

Cannot do it with the force of law.

This will go on intermittently for a while until people get tired of it.

Then they will do it for a year after the elections.

Moving on.

Getting them through the elections.

He is the official agitator.

Fascinating to see what chris christie will do.

What is topic one?

I think what he will do in the second term is go for substantial tax reform.

He made a real cutbacks in terms of unions and got public support for it.

I think he has to spend a lot of time in florida.

Steve forbes with us through the

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