Forbes: Preposterous Obama Acts as Dictator

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Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-In-Chief Steve Forbes discusses the U.S. government shutdown and debt ceiling negotiations on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Between the house of representatives and the white house completely broke down.

The question is, can the senate come up with anything that can pass the senate and then go over to the house of representatives and past?

Time is running out.

Since when does the senate come up with something and throw it back to the house?

You are in an environment where anything goes.

What is apprising about the weekend is president obama did not use the opportunity to cut a deal and get this thing resolved.

Now it is the hands of of two senators.

The idea that the president being emperor is preposterous.

He won the election.

That does not make you dictator.

You still have to negotiate.

You still have to persuade.

Isn't he alternately responsible for how this plays out?

That is what the leaders want, divided government.

You still have to negotiate and make a deal.

We put this question to everyone.

We asked the viewers and listeners, how do you plan for a default?

Jamie dimon, the ceo is very right, no default will happen unless the gop wants another four years of democrats.

How about this?

Go short on all markets.

Pretty straightforward.

The third one, head for the storm cellar.

A lot of worrywarts out there.

We are here on a monday.

Day 14. did you think we would get here?


and what is worrisome, the idea of default is not as bad.

We have been doing that from 1971 -- 1871. the idea that we would toy with such a thing is just crazy.

Topping my agenda is netflix.

Said to be in discussion with a television providers to include netflix under set top boxes.

This is an interesting development because netflix competes with these guys for viewers.

Suggesting they see this as a tool to attract and retain customers.

Do you use netflix a lot?

I use it you less and less.

-- i used it less and less.

I have it, and occasionally i will download something, an old rogue room or whatever.

A wonderful thing.

The price is low enough that you keep renewing it.

I want to watch mr.

Smith goes to washington.

Thank you so much.

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