Forbes: Iran Nuclear Agreement Is a Bad Deal

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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-In-Chief Steve Forbes discusses the Iran nuclear deal with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Always good to see you.

What's your reaction on what's happening in iran?

Do you see the diplomacy effort onto something that we can change the region in for the better?

The answer suddenly is no which is why president obama has done something that he promised but had not delivered so far.

He has united the arabs and israelis in a way they have never been before in reaction to that agreement and he has united democrats and republicans on capitol hill.

It's a bad agreement and undoes sanctions.

They will get the bomb or get close to the bomb.

The hope is that the sanctions have shown that it can work.

If you cut off a country's economy, they will start to listen and come to the negotiating table.

It's different now because they are more willing to play ball with us as a result of the sanctions.

They did not play much ball to get this starting to crumble.

India and others who are bigger exporters, they were very reluctant to do it.

They will start to chip away on their own.

It showed the determination of them to get the bomb and we should have ramped up the sanctions and made it clear you would not sit down until you agreed to do away with the entire nuclear program and we discuss how you do it.

In fairness they can enrich up to 3.5% and they had to downgrade all of the uranium enriched above that.

Does this not accomplish something?

It believes the whole infrastructure there.

-- it leaves the infrastructure there.

It does not take much to go from 3.5% to five percent to 70%. in essence, they have the real way of undoing the sanctions which we are putting real pressure on the economy in return for very little in the hope that we might do something in six months.

Once you have a real deal in advance that something will happen, they take on a life of their own in the united states is not knowing the one to save six months.

They have broken every single agreement that the end of the day and nothing becomes done.

That is why saudi arabia and others are absolutely in arms, figuratively and literally, because they see this as i ran getting the bomb.

There's is also a concern among saudi arabia and israel that as the u.s. warms up to iran, all of a sudden they are no longer the go to arabs for the u.s. and it ends up being left out in the cold.

Is that part of the issue?

It's more than uncle sam being nice.

How will we protect ourselves?

It is why they are now reaching after the russians.

Who will protect us?

If they feel they cannot get protection they will go for the bomb.

Saudi arabia has already put out feelers to pakistan.

They're going to start to do it.

If they do, i guarantee turkey will and you will have the most volatile region in the world armed with nuclear weapons and is just a recipe for horror and they see this as a nexus 10 show threat.

They will do something if they feel that iran will not back down.

I wanted to start talking about affordable care but i

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