Filmmakers `Begin Again’ in Age of Digital Media

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June 26 (Bloomberg) -- Director/writer John Carney and actor/writer/producer James Corden discuss the genesis of their new film “Begin Again,” the growth in popularity of British television in the United States and the opportunities afforded by digital media distribution and fundraising. They speak with Pimm Fox on “Taking Stock.”


The film is a romantic love story with a lot of songs set in new york about two people coming together and recording a record.

This is a follow-up in a certain way to your previous movie, "once your coat right.

-- "once." right.

I fell in love with new york and wanted to set a story here and sort of went back into the catalog of ideas.

I had a band when i was a kid.

That's ok.

We won't hold that against.

James, you mentioned broadway.

You have a tony, don't you?

I have.

And you earned it.

I don't know if that's true.

I was in a play called one man, to governors.

John came to see the play.

Judd apatow came.

He produced the film.

John very kindly said after the film -- after the show, do you want to come and shoot this film?

It was amazing for me to be shooting in manhattan and doing a play on broadway and working for john and with keira knightley.

It was really amazing.

You are also a star when it comes to bbc production gavin and stacey, a big series.

What does this whole new world of media mean to you and your ability to reach people?

I think it's great.

I think anything that gives people choices, so long as the people who are creating the work are being rewarded and paid for it.

Compensation, we can all agree on.

The last show i did for the bbc was called the wrong man.

It was part financed by a company called hulu.

It was amazing for us.

We made a very small show in the u.k. the people were able to watch on the other side of the world.

It's amazing.

It's essentially what our film is about.

A big message in the film is about an artist wanting to put her music in the hands of people to listen to it.

Financing a movie cost about $80 million.

That's nothing today, right?

That's quite a lot of money.

What are you earning?

Not a lot of money in america.

They do tend to spend a lot of money on movies.

I made the last film for a couple hundred thousand.

In terms of american money, it's not a lot.

We wish you the best success.

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