Fashion Factors Into Wearable Tech Success: Shaw

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Jan. 08 (Bloomberg) -- Russ Shaw, Founder of Tech London Advocates, discusses the shortcomings of some wearable technology and opportunities for the market overall. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Has been a huge proliferation and sensors and a wearable technology.

A lot of money being thrown at the walls, some of it sticking.

A new lifecycle in the tech space.

Any perspective on where this is going to take us?

Wearable devices are going to build and the mentum.

Things like the pebble.

You really have got the first smart watch that people are saying, wow, i like this, it works.

It is a smart device.

You see more and more people wearing smart bracelets as well.

You are going to see that happen.

The formfactor, design, fashion is going to play a role.

The tech community does not always have a great track record.

Certainly not.

One of the things that came out of the smartphone story was that if you allow other people to write code for your hardware, you end up with an explosion in uses and maybe some of her seeing uses of the technology you are producing.

When you look at the sensor story, are we going to see a similar thing?

We have low-power bluetooth stuff that will communicate and work very well.

We still do not understand or have the imagination to understand what we are using this for.

It is starting to happen.

Smart watches are an example.

Company called holds wallet -- called pulse wallet.

They have something where you go and pay for something, you do not need your credit card, you put your hand on a device and it reads your palm diametrically.

There is mass-market implication for that.

Everybody's palm is unique.

The data coming from that and how we capture that can be very powerful and interesting.

Also it can raise alarm bells about security.

This is my data in my hand.

I am giving this to lots of other companies.

I would have concerns if the police had my fingerprints on my palm prints, should i be concerned if microsoft or apple or samsung had that?

Is that information safe, everything is now being captured in the cloud.

As we have seen over the past year or so, the security and information access to the cloud, you know, is an issue.

When we get hackers going into these companies, we get e-mails telling us to change our passwords.

You cannot do that with your fingerprints.

Again, if people adopt it and say yes, i will do it, there will be some people who say i do not want to place my fingerprints on something like that.

People equate that to go into the police, putting the fingerprints down.

I had just given that to someone else.

It is a big opportunity, but there are big issues and ethical issues.

That is true of my heart rate sensor or anything else i am going to be capturing with these devices.

There is a wonderful opportunity in the wellness and health space.

If you look at emerging trends, obesity is becoming a huge issue.

No pun intended.

That will cripple health services, we need more and more people to adopt these devices to think about health and fitness.

The flipside is, organizations are going to capture personal information about my health and well-being and i may not want to share that with them.

My employer, i might know what my employer to know about my health and well-being.

It is going to be an interesting balancing act.

A fascinating story in 2014. thank you for stopping by, founder of tech london advocates.

Still ahead, dennis rodman's latest trip to north korea sparked controversy union his sponsor, paddy power, decided to back out of this trip.

Is any publicity good publicity?

We talk about that from a business point of view when we come back.


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